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  • September Monthly Tarot Forecast

    September Monthly Tarot Forecast

    Overview of the Month- Justice Reversed- Well, I can’t say it’s the most PROMISING outlook I’ve ever seen, but we can deal, right? When the Justice card comes up reversed, I always get the sense that Justice will not be served. It’s never really a indication of where or not things will go our way, it’s more a feeling that they won’t, when they should, or they will, when we know inside, they really shouldn’t. Be careful where you find yourself on this issue. We can feel that things have turned out unfairly or that we were cheated in some …Read More »
  • August Monthly Tarot Forecast

    August Monthly Tarot Forecast

    Current Overview of the Month Knight of Swords The focus this month is on taking SWIFT ACTION! This Knight is as fast with his tongue as he is on his feet! The Knight of Swords is definitely a good indication of the energy we will likely be experiencing as the month opens up with a FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE in fellow Air sign Aquarius on August 7th. Eclipses bring changes. Permanent changes, and with a lunar eclipse it is often an ending of some sort. You could finally see the conclusion or resolution of something you started at the New …Read More »
  • International Tarot Day Blog Hop Three of Pentacles

    International Tarot Day Blog Hop Three of Pentacles

    Welcome to Tarot Liza, here you will find the next card in the International Tarot Day Blog Hop, the Three of Pentacles! It’s with so much love that I get to share this post on the Three of Pentacles with you and celebrate such an amazing art with all of my fellow Tarot Lovers :). First I have to say, if there is a card to represent this blog hop, I think I may have been lucky enough to land it. When I think of the huge collaborative effort it took to pull off such an event, I think of …Read More »
  • July Monthly Tarot Forecast

    July Monthly Tarot Forecast

    Current Overview of the Month Page of Wands The focus this month is on something new you are starting or undertaking. When the Page of Wands appears, he is ready to start on something new, something exciting, something you are passionate about! Pages are students, but in this incident, you are less likely to be learning in a classroom, as you are by following through on what sparks your passion! You could very likely be taking up a new hobby simply for the fun and excitement of it, but it is also likely you are taking up a new project …Read More »
  • How to Use the Energy of the Chariot and the Crab and Why You Need To

    How to Use the Energy of the Chariot and the Crab and Why You Need To

    Tarot is a complex subject, the cards have many meanings and associations, including to Astrology. This time of year we are heading into summer here in the Northern Hemisphere and as such, just celebrated the Summer Solstice. The Solstice is the moment of the Sun’s ingress into the sign on Cancer. The Chariot is the card...Read More »
  • Why The Celtic Cross is Not For Beginners and What To Use Instead

    Why The Celtic Cross is Not For Beginners and What To Use Instead

    So, you got a pack of Tarot cards, either from your local shop, Amazon or a gift from a lovely friend. You have been studying up in the books you have gotten and on some great Tarot websites as well. You don’t have all of the meanings memorized or anything, but you know how to read, so you look things up as you go, and are able to piece it together. This is TOTALLY NORMAL...Read More »
  • 7 Questions to Never Ask a Tarot Card Reader

    7 Questions to Never Ask a Tarot Card Reader

    Ok admittedly, if you are reading this you are probably a tarot reader yourself, either new or experienced, but the title wouldn’t be as catchy if it said “7 things you hate being asked”. Or would it. Well now, if you are reading cards for people for any length of time, sooner or later, the seven questions below will inevitably make their way across your table...Read More »
  • June Monthly Tarot Forecast

    June Monthly Tarot Forecast

    Three of Pentacles…What a lovely card! I love the Three of Pentacles. This is a card of discipline and hard work. Now don’t let that scare you off! This is work that you ENJOY doing. Now I know what you are thinking, “but Liza its JUNE! I’m supposed to be heading into summer relaxation time!” (Well if you are in the Northern Hemisphere anyway!) But not so, my friend. June is indeed an easy-going month for all of us astrologically speaking (just a little insider tip ;)) but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be all sittin’ pool-side sippin’ margaritas…Read More »
  • Top 10 Tips for Beginning Readers

    Top 10 Tips for Beginning Readers

    When you first begin to read Tarot cards, you have SOOOOO many questions! Most of them feel very legitimate at the time, and while some are based on physical techniques, others are based on how to interpret, and still other times we just want to know if we are doing it “right”.  When I first started reading, I was so excited! Yet I had so many unanswered questions (and stacks and stacks of resource books to prove it!). Today I’m bringing you Ten Tips that I’ve rounded up from a few of my fellow card reading peers...Read More »
  • 7 Ways to Thoroughly Cleanse your Tarot Deck

    7 Ways to Thoroughly Cleanse your Tarot Deck

    There are many times that we want to give our Tarot cards a good clearing and cleansing. The very first time we will want to cleanse our cards is when we first bring them home. You may have gotten them secondhand from someone else, and even if it is someone you know and love, you need to give them a good clearing so that they are attuned to only YOUR energy, especially if they were used to read for other people, who touched them also. Even if you bought them online...  Read More »

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