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How I Went from Nurse to Tarot Card Reader


A peek behind the curtain of my struggle to find my true passion

It all started way back, about 10 years ago, while I was still in Nursing School…
After many years of bein’ a single momma to two AWESOME daughters, I was thrilled when my life took a very “traditional” turn. I got married, became a momma again to awesome daughter number three, and in her first year of life, headed off to Nursing School! My second daughter had been in a terrible accident a few years prior, and after a lot of time spent in the hospital, I realized I had a real knack for the healing profession, and so when the time was right for me to consider what I wanted to do with my life, it seemed a natural path! Little did I know… I did have a knack for helping others, but I wasn’t quite on the right path yet…
While in school, I had signed up for one of those “book clubs”. You know the kind, you get a certain number of books for a penny, then they send you books each month for you to decline or pay for (I was NEVER any good at that stuff!). As I perused the selection, I noticed they offered a pack of Tarot Cards (oooohhhh mermaid with a shiny bauble syndrome!). I immediately ordered them and they arrived complete with a little book.
At this time, I was about half or three quarters of the way through my R. N. program. One night I spread out the cards, asking about school. I pulled the Three of Swords. Yikes! I had NO idea what that meant, but I could tell by the picture on the card, it was NOT going to be good!

I had the option to return the following semester and finish my requirements, but that was little consolation at the time. I had just spent 5 years of my life pursuing a degree that was finally about to pay off. The blood, sweat and truly, the TEARS I had spent over the last five years, the dream of FINALLY having those letters behind my name, gone in an instant. The shame, of having to tell everyone, that I had failed out.
I couldn’t see it then, but it was the best thing that ever happened to me. At the time I was angry, sad, ashamed, embarrassed and probably every other emotion imaginable! Though, had I graduated, I would probably still be in the daily exhausting grind that is the work of a health professional. Don’t get me wrong, the job comes with a lot of rewards, both tangible and internal, but it wasn’t the right “job” for me.
Realizing my ladder had been leaning against the wrong wall… 
After all of those years, I realized I had spent a long time, climbing the wrong ladder. For years afterwards, everyone from family to caring friends, have all told me I should “just go back” for that one semester. But I realized, while I wanted to help others, I didn’t want to be a nurse. Fate had other plans for me. My destiny lay elsewhere.
The re-emergence of the cards…
After that, I took a job as a bartender while I considered my next move. While watching a movie one night, the Tarot cards came on the screen. While I didn’t know what they really meant, I recognized a bunch of them, and even had a vague “idea” of the card based on its picture. Proof that ANYONE can read this visual symbolism!
Shortly thereafter I took my daughter to a bookstore for a costume party to celebrate the midnight release of the latest book in a very popular “magical” book series. While killing time I perused the Spirituality section and came across a very basic card meaning book on clearance. I sat in the bookstore and read that book that night, and then I bought it (seemed fair). Then I went home and unpacked my cards.

Fast forward to today…

The Story of Tarot Liza

My goal at Tarot Liza, is to make this one of those sites for you :). Today I really enjoy reading for myself and others, not for prediction, but for Empowerment!  When you are on the Tarot Journey, you realize that you have so much control over your choices, your life, and where it's all headed!  Tarot gives us that Roadmap, and with it, we can use this ancient system to look deep into the heart of a matter and discern all of the information to make the best decisions possible, to create the outcome we want!  Tarot helps us to be prepared to meet whatever comes next :) Now, I want to empower YOU with the tools and skills you need to empower and transform your life and others with the Tarot as well :) I'm here to educate, mentor, inspire, empower and share. I hope you can find everything you will ever need for your Tarot journey, here.

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