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Jupiter Uranus and Tarot


Jupiter Uranus and Tarot- Oh My!Jupiter Uranus and Tarot- Oh My! What could be more interesting than a combination like Jupiter Uranus and Tarot? How about we add in a full moon in Aquarius too! This week we have some major activity happening in our cosmos. With Tarot, we can learn how to make the most of the amazing aspects coming out way, but also learn how to navigate the tricky ones!
Last week the Trio of Spreads for August was super popular. Therefore, we are doing another three spreads you can use RIGHT NOW, for all of the energy we have going on right now this week. Uranus and Jupiter are both making BIG changes on the same day. The full moon, is in Aquarius, the sign ruled by Uranus. So there is a lot going on right how for us to tap into. Let's do it! Jupiter Uranus and Tarot bring quite an interesting mix of energy! Try your hand at one, or all three of these, and be sure to share about them if you do!


Where's My Luck Spread


Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card representing JupiterThis is a spread about the lucky planet of abundance, Jupiter.
Jupiter is a wonderful blessing, wherever he goes he brings luck, abundance and expansion. Jupiter has been retrograde for the last 4 months, since April 10th to be specific. Have you been feeling it? Consequently, there is one area of your life where things have slooooooowed down dramatically.
However, on Sunday, August 11th, after a 4th month cosmic time-out, Jupiter has once again turned direct. As a result, that means our good luck charm is back in action and will be coming up to speed quickly! Jupiter rules a fire sign (Sagittarius) like Leo, so this blends really well and just adds to the intensity of the season right now.
This is a great time to ask what area of your life has been slowed down by Jupiter's 4 month hiatus, and where you can expect to see things pick up now! Remember, lucky Jupiter brings abundance, so capitalizing on whatever gifts Jupiter has to offer is a great way to make good use of the energy 🙂
We have 12 astrological signs and 10 "planets". This includes Pluto as well as the luminaries, the Sun and the Moon. 22 in total. Just like the number of Major Arcana. Every card is ruled by either a "planet" or a sign. Can you guess which card lucky Jupiter rules?
If you guessed The Wheel of Fortune, you'd be right! So let's get to it, and see what the Wheel of Fortune has in store for you!
TIP: To make this extra powerful, try taking the Majors out of your deck, shuffling them and drawing one of those for question number 2. Then reassemble your deck, shuffle well and deal out the rest. The spread is a wheel, you can start and end wherever it feels right for you!
Where's my Jupiter Luck Spread1. Where in my life have things slowed down since the Wheel turned in April?
2. What core lesson was I to learn and integrate during that time?
3. Have I? Or is there more work to do?
4. What can I do to help facilitate the luck that Jupiter is bringing me as the Wheel turns again?
5, Which area of my life is now going to benefit from Jupiter's lucky blessing?
6. What lucky signs should I watch for to know that a blessing is near?


The Inspiration Spread


The Fool and The Tower Tarot Cards representing UranusOh dear Uranus. Uranus is an outer planet which moves slowly...but when it is contacted by another planet, or changes sign or direction we aaaaaall feel it! Uranus rules Aquarius and is responsible for change, freedom, and excitement but also volatility, explosive situations and breaking free, no matter the cost or outcome.
This slow moving outer planet also changed direction on Sunday August 11th though now he is moving in retrograde. He rules The Fool card, but I also see The Tower energy very aligned with Uranus....Uranus is the lighting that strikes fast and hard that you never see coming and can't prepare for! Therefore, I like to consider this card's energy here.
This month though, Uranus is making some great aspects as the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars all transit through Virgo making lovely supportive aspect to Uranus in Taurus each in turn. So here we'll be able to use Uranus' intuitive flashes for good things! The sign he rules, Aquarius, rules The Star card, so inspiration is at hand!

When is this happening?

The questions, in this spread each apply to one of Uranus' activities all happening in a row. While each aspect has it's date listed, you could see things happen the day before or after or all at once! Especially contacts with New and Full Moons, they have a bigger window. The key with Uranus here is that he will provide inspired support, Uranus likes things that are outside of the norm, and that are unexpected. With Uranus, EXPECT the unexpected!
Uranus changes direction on Sunday August 11th, like Jupiter, however by months end, he is the life of the cosmic party.
First, he cozies up to loving and financially abundant Venus on August 26th.
Next, he gets his marching orders from action driven Mars on August 28th.
Finally, he sends his divine inspiration to the glorious Full Moon in the sign he rules, Aquarius, on August 30th.
Tarot card spread for Uranus1.  As Uranus changes direction, what area of my life is up for positive change?
2.  How will Uranus' meet-up with abundant Venus bring me more positive surprises in love or money?
3.  How can I use Uranus' meeting with Mars to take inspired ACTION on something important?
4.  What NEW BEGINNING in my life this month will Uranus lend his inspiration to for an exciting burst?
You may expect to see a theme here, these planets (the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars) are all traveling together in the same area of the sly, so you would likely expect to see cards that may reiterate a similar message throughout the spread. It could be money, love, family, travel, friends, children, work or anything else really.


Full Moon in Aquarius Spread


Aquarius descriptions related to UranusThe Full Moon is this week on August 15th at 22 degrees Aquarius. Let's find out exactly what you are letting go of this month shall we? Oh my lord, this full moon has the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars all clustered together while Aquarius' ruler Uranus just changed direction bringing much needed change.


What does Aquarius rule and pertain to?


All of the things in your 11th house, so this full moon you would likely see events related to:
Groups you belong to
Humanitarian causes either locally or globally
Networking with others
Divination of all forms (notice I didn't say psychic abilities)
Being innovative- inventing things!
Technology and advancements of
All things quirky or eccentric
Being a visionary
Unconventional approach to things
Excitement and Surprises
So as you approach this full moon, know that you may likely see things come to a culmination, or to a close in one or more of these ways...full moons bring endings, but that doesn't mean they are negative. We may be finally finishing a project we started 6 months ago back at the new moon in Aquarius, or just two weeks ago at the recent new moon in Leo. We may be bringing something to culmination or even leaving behind something that doesn't serve us anymore. With so many lovely planets crowding around this full moon however, good things will come out of this lunar cycle!
Full moon in Aquarius ruled by Uranus spread 1. Which area of my life is going to see something come to fruition?
2. How can I best detach (like an Aquarian) and allow these changes?
3. What will I be letting of this month, either literally or figuratively?
4. What do I need freedom from?
5. How is Uranus going to add an unconventional twist to these events that will happen?
6. What is the blessing I will manifest from this if I allow it to come in and receive it?
I hope you give one or all of these three Jupiter Uranus and Tarot spreads a try! If you do, please join me over on instagram @tarotliza and tag me in your spread, I will be posting some of mine as well! You can also share them with me on my facebook page Tarot Liza or in our fb group Tarot for the Modern Reader.

I’m Liza, professional Tarot reader, writer and mentor, and this is Tarot Liza. Everyday we're working to bring our mission of delivering more value and Tarot education to the Modern Reader to life! Welcome! Read more...

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