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The Suit of Cups

min_c_acThe Suit of Cups corresponds to the element of Water, the assignment given to this card by the Order of the Golden Dawn. It is all about Emotion. While this is the Suit that typically shows us about our love lives, it is about all emotions, and all relationships, from the ones we have with a significant other, to the ones we maintain with our friends and family, and the one we have with ourselves as well.
When a matter of timing is involved, it is usually only a couple of weeks to a month. The Suit of Cups is the second suit and corresponds to the season of Summer, with the Summer Solstice taking place in the second Cardinal, watery sign of Cancer. When the Cups cards come up in a reading, the querent has either asked about a relationship, it deals with family or other types of relationships, or the situation is emotionally charged.
Characteristics for the Suit of Cups can be the full range of human emotion, from joy, love, happiness, and contentment to sadness, grief, hurt or loneliness. We have the capacity to fill our cup with goodness, or pour it away if we are not careful. The negative side of the Suit of Cups deals with emotions that are out of control, or the manipulation of emotions.
Being the suit of emotions, the Suit of Cups corresponds to the playing card suit of Hearts, naturally. In some decks, it goes by the name of Hearts, Chalices, Goblets and more. This does not change the meaning of the cards from deck to deck. As it relates to people, the Cups Court Cards are usually used to represent those with a Water sun sign: Cancer (yours truly), Scorpio and Pisces.
Major Arcana Cards that correlate to the Suit of Cups are as follows: The High Priestess, The Chariot, The Hanged Man, Death, The Moon and Judgement. As a side note, Judgement had previously been assigned simply to the Element of Fire, however with the discovery of Pluto in the 1930’s, this planet rules the water sign of Scorpio that is associated with Judgement.

min_c_acAce of Cups

Keywords: New love, pregnancy, emotional or spiritual opportunities, beginnings

Reverse Keywords: Emotional block, pregnancy difficulties, rejecting spirit, no take-off

min_c_02Two of Cups

Keywords: Union, balanced partnership, teamwork, loving couple, healing

Reverse Keywords: Disagreement, breakup, power struggle, relationship difficulty

min_c_03Three of Cups

Keywords: Women's groups, girlfriends, friendships, parties, merriment, new baby

Reverse Keywords: Difficulties with friends, three's a crowd, hungover, sobering up, party's over

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min_c_04Four of Cups

Keywords: Apathy, feeling bored or unfulfilled, dissatisfied, opportunity ignored, meditate

Reverse Keywords: Taking action, recognizing opportunity, re-engagement

min_c_05Five of Cups

Keywords: Sadness, grief, heartache, deep pain or loss, separation

Reverse Keywords: Moving beyond sadness, recognizing what you have, recovery

min_c_06Six of Cups

Keywords: Nostalgia, childhood memories, soulmates, past-life, children

Reverse Keywords: Bad memories, stuck in the past, imbalance, healing old wounds

min_c_07Seven of Cups

Keywords: Fantasy, too many choices, illusion, delusion, temptations, escapism

Reverse Keywords: Re-focusing, making choices, extreme escapism, alcohol or substance abuse

min_c_08Eight of Cups

Keywords: Walking away voluntarily, something missing, disappointment

Reverse Keywords: Not time to walk away, staying when you should go

min_c_09Nine of Cups

Keywords: Wish card, indulgence, pleasure, enjoyment, happiness

Reverse Keywords: Overindulgence, smug, boasting, gluttony, disappointment

min_c_10Ten of Cups

Keywords: Family harmony, complete happiness, deep fulfillment

Reverse Keywords: Disharmony, blocked happiness, discord, separation, family difficulties

min_c_paPage of Cups

Keywords: Sensitive, creative start, messages, love letters, good news

Reverse Keywords: Emotionally immature, naive, creative difficulty or block

min_c_knKnight of Cups

Keywords: Romantic, white knight, spiritual quest, dreamer, artistic

Reverse Keywords: Escapist, unrealistic, blocked emotions, difficult love relations

min_c_quQueen of Cups

Keywords: Nurturing, empathetic, emotional, intuitive, psychic, compassionate, mothering

Reverse Keywords: Emotional blocks, boundary issues, insecurities or moodiness

min_c_kiKing of Cups

Keywords: Emotionally mature, loving, generous, father, counselor

Reverse Keywords: Emotionally manipulative, negative, hardened or blocked, alcohol abuse

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