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The Suit of Wands

min_w_acThe Suit of Wands corresponds to the element of Fire. This is the assignment given by the Order of the Golden Dawn, and as such, corresponds to speed. When a matter of timing is in question, the results will be seen quickly, as in a matter of days to weeks. Fires burn hot and fast, as such is the energy of the Suit of Wands. Similarly, Fire also corresponds to the season of Spring, the first Season, led by the Vernal Equinox in Aries, the Cardinal Fire sign.
The Suit of Wands typically relates to growth, action and forward movement. Consider the corresponding season of Spring, where we begin to see all of the new growth for the coming year. Whereas Cups tend to represent the emotional being, Swords, the mental state and Pentacles the physical world, Wands tend to represent how and when those things happen.
When Wands cards appear, you know that things are HAPPENING. Many link this suit to career; not necessarily the work or the pay, as those would fall under the Pentacles domain, but moreover the concept of pursuing something meaningful, and the drive to attain it. That is the Suit of Wands. Matters of Spirituality are also under the Wands domain.
When we look deeper at the meaning of growth, we see the full spectrum in this suit, from the initial seed, spark, inspiration or idea (which is associated with Wands) to the creativity, drive and determination (also Wands attributes) to see it through to fruition. On the negative side we see arrogance, bad temperaments, lack of direction, inertia, waffling and false starts.
The Suit of Wands corresponds to the playing card suit of Clubs, and you may see this suit also named Rods, Batons, Staves and more in other decks. This does not change the inherent meaning of the cards. As it relates to people, the Wands Court Cards are usually used to represent those with a Fire Sun sign; Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.
Major Arcana Cards that correlate to the Suit of Wands are as follows: The Emperor, Strength, The Wheel of Fortune, Temperance, The Tower and The Sun. In each of these cards you will find Wands energy.

Ace of Wands

Keywords: New beginnings, opportunities, creative ideas, seed or spark

Reverse Keywords: Thumbs down, not now, stalled energy, slow start

Two of Wands

Keywords: Choice, stay or go, contemplating new options

Reverse Keywords: Difficulty in choice, waffling, unexpected turnaround

Three of Wands

Keywords: New enterprise, international, travel over water,foresight, planning

Reverse Keywords: Delays, setbacks, no travel, need more planning

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min_w_04Four of Wands

Keywords: Celebrations, homecoming, harmony, marriage, engagement, harvest

Reverse Keywords: Rites of passage, leaving home, internal celebrations

min_w_05Five of Wands

Keywords: Conflict, competing ideas, strife, power struggle, contest, banter

Reverse Keywords: Resolving conflict, synthesis of ideas, working together

min_w_06Six of Wands

Keywords: Victory, leader, confidence, triumph, conquering hero, advancement

Reverse Keywords: Fall from grace, no support or recognition, corruption, treachery

min_w_07Seven of Wands

Keywords: Hold your ground, defending yourself, take a stand, don't give up

Reverse Keywords: Embarrassment, paranoid, losing your footing, vacillating

min_w_08Eight of Wands

Keywords: Swiftness, messages, travel, falling in love, streamlined

Reverse Keywords: Delay, mixed messages, hasty, miscommunication, no direction

min_w_09Nine of Wands

Keywords: Defensiveness, protection, strength, wariness, old wounds, exhaustion

Reverse Keywords: Broken down, psychological wounding, isolation, delusional

min_w_10Ten of Wands

Keywords: Burdens, overwhelmed, overworked, burnout, pushing too hard

Reverse Keywords: Delegating responsibilities, laying down of burdens, proliferation

min_w_paPage of Wands

Keywords: Exciting news, messages, new projects, young energetic person

Reverse Keywords: Rash behavior, temperamental, childish, feisty, bad news

min_w_knKnight of Wands

Keywords: Fast moving, risk taker, enthusiastic, moving forward

Reverse Keywords: Rash behavior, reckless, thrill seeker, hot-headed

min_w_quQueen of Wands

Keywords: Confident, powerful, generous, fun-loving, energetic, sexy

Reverse Keywords: Vengeful, self-righteous, irrational, temperamental

min_w_kiKing of Wands

Keywords: A benevolent leader, generous, lead by example, compassionate

Reverse Keywords: Arrogant, domineering, controlling, bossy, dictator

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