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A Trio of August Tarot Spreads

Trio of August Tarot SpreadsIf you are looking for a great August Tarot spread, look no further! I have a trio of them that will get you excited for a month of interesting energy! If you follow astrology, then you already know that July has been like molasses! Slow, with retrogrades, hangups, setbacks and even a few life-altering eclipses thrown in for good measure!
But August.....now AUGUST, is like the sweet relief! So many good aspects coming throughout August, and several special ones that we don't often talk about.
So today, I'm going to share with you some of those beyond-the-norm cosmic events in August that are worth noting, and as a result, I've created a tarot spread for each of them for you to try if you feel called to!

Sun in Leo Card Spread

Although we are halfway though Leo season, and a week past the New Moon in Leo, I still find this so relevant and worth working through. If you haven't yet done a tarot spread for yourself for this August, I encourage you to try this one!
This is the time of Leo, the Lion. The fifth sign of the zodiac asks us to focus on fun, creativity, and children. Additionally, it's a great time for connecting with your own inner-child and having more child-like fun. What brings you joy and makes you happy? Do more of that! This spread will help you make the most of Leo season :)
6 card Sun in Leo tarot card spread for August1. What makes me, ME, how do I stand out?
2. Where can I SHINE my light brightest and show who I am?
3.How can I show myself more SELF-LOVE and take care of 'me'?
4. How can I have more fun, or experience more JOY?
5. How or where should I be focusing my CREATIVITY?
6. How can I be generous to others?

The Lion's Gate Spread

The Lion's Gate portal began to open on July 26 and closes on August 12. However it reaches its peak on August 8th, (8/8) and that is the date everyone focuses on. The portal reaches an exact alignment today between the Earth, the Sun and the star Sirius.✨ The two stars line up like two beautiful suns! So what is this portal?
It is a time of intense cosmic energy that is flowing between the physical and the spiritual planes. It is a time of awakening your DIVINE LIGHT. What does that mean? It means that we all have a divine purpose here. We may or may not already know what that is. It is the purpose our soul came here in this lifetime to pursue.
Though many of us are not working in our divine purpose. Doing our highest good. Many of us don't know what that is! I believe it is evidenced to us in the things that we absolutely love to do, the things that drive us deep down inside and fuel our passions.

When is this happening?

During this time but particularly on August 8th, there is an intense amount of light that is being showered down on to earth from the star Sirius. Sirius is the closest star to earth. This is incredibly high-vibrational light and will awaken your DNA, activating your energies. Therefore, this is a great day to bask in it as much as possible. Sunbathing, moonbathing, meditation and journaling. This cosmic event is special to August each year. The tarot spread below may help prompt your journaling.
If you know where 15 degrees of Leo falls in your own Astrology chart, this is the area of your life where you will see these blessings, opportunities and gifts, where you can make the most of your divine purpose. ✨ The energy is especially supercharged this year, as we have THREE personal planets all in Leo right now, the Sun, Venus and Mars.
6 Card Lion's Gate Tarot Spread for August1. What is my DIVINE LIGHT or soul purpose? ✨
2. How can I best begin to work with it?
3. What can I pay attention to activating in my energy field?
4. What signs can I watch for to reinforce I am on the right path?
5. What can I do to best receive the light that will be showered on me?
6. How can I make the very most of this cosmic energy and divine guidance?

The Hungry Ghost Month Spread

Now if the Lion's Gateway was a little new to you, I'm betting the Hungry Ghost Month is is even less familiar....and why I want to talk about it! Hungry Ghost Month is observed in China, and I observe it, because I am a Feng Shui freak! You may not know this about me, but I LOOOOOVE classical chinese feng shui as much as Tarot and Astrology! So I want to share with you about Hungry Ghost Month and how to protect yourself.
In ancient Chinese folklore and legend, on the first day of the seventh LUNAR month (August), it is said that the gates of hell would be wide open and all of the ghosts will come out until the gate closes again on August 30th. So every year, August is a month to be especially careful in! Some believe that if you die unexpectedly during this month, it is seen as the ghosts wreaking pain on the living.

What can you do?

During this time, the people are said to do things to attempt to appease the ghosts, in an attempt to help them secure an early release from hell, or to pacify them. However, people also take extra precautions during this time as well. It is customary to set out lanterns and food offerings for the departed, and even to burn or offer money. Some people even carry or wear amulets, crosses, crystals or other symbols of protection.
It is also advisable during this time to avoid risk or supernatural activities as much as possible. Most importantly, don't go out alone at night, especially young children, seniors, or those who are weak in any way. It is also said that you should not whistle. If you ARE out at night, and hear a noise over your shoulder behind you, do not look back (that's a tough one- automatic reaction!).

When is this happening?

The energy is the strongest on the 15th lunar day of the month, which is August 15th, that's also the date of the Aquarius Full Moon, so take extra precautions including the day before and after as well. Here is a short tarot spread to help you make the most of the month of August!
3 card Hungry Ghost Tarot Card Spread for August1. What can I do, to best appease any ghosts around me this month?
2. What can I do to protect myself the most this month?
3. What is the most important thing for me to work on personally, to decrease any negativity around me for them to be attracted to?
I hope you give one or all of these three August Tarot spreads a try! If you do, please join me over on instagram @tarotliza and tag me in your spread, I will be posting some of mine as well! You can also share them with me on my fb page Tarot Liza or in our Tarot for the Modern Reader. I can't wait to do mine next!

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