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I am a Tarotholic and I love what I do!

Are you a Tarot lover? Do you feel like you could spend all day reading the cards, or reading ABOUT the cards?? Do you just want to "talk Tarot" all the time?? Do you want to learn as much as you can about reading the cards all in one place? Then welcome to Tarot Liza!

Who I Am…

I’m Liza, and my mission, PURPOSE, is to bring more value and education to your Tarot world then you ever dreamt possible! It wasn’t that long ago that I was just like you…

In the Beginning...The Obstacles…

min_p_paWhen I started reading Tarot, I was super excited and couldn't wait to dig in!  I wanted to study anything I could get my hands on. The problem was, without purchasing a lot of books, I couldn't easily find the information I was looking for. Even just 5 years ago, the field of Tarot, and the internet, did not have nearly as much to offer.

A lot of sites had card definitions, but they were kind of like databanks, without a face or any idea who created it, or any information to indicate whether or not anyone ever updated anything. There were also LOTS of great Tarot Blogs out there as well, where you can keep up with relevant topics, and enjoy timely content, many of which I LOVE, but they didn't have detailed card information, or consistent new content for a "newbie" like me to learn from the ground up!  I just wanted somewhere that had EVERYTHING all in one place. A "Tarot Supercenter".  I hope this becomes that place for you :)

A New Way to Learn Tarot…

maj_21My goal at Tarot Liza is to bring you the best of both.  I have found my soul's true purpose, and I love what I do! I aim to provide you the most inclusive meanings you can find for all 78 Cards, upright and reversed, with pictures, as well as fun and helpful blog topics, reader question and answer sessions, "how-to's"and a powerful community. Card meanings and a blog are one thing, but having the community is PRICELESS. Reading takes on a whole new meaning when you are in the (virtual) company of other like minded Tarot Lovers, whom you can bounce ideas, meanings, and even reading interpretations off of.

 Get in on all the Lovin'!

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    The 'Behind the Scenes' Embarrassing Missteps in Life that led me to Tarot Professional…

    If you would like to read the complete uncut story of Tarot Liza, how the cards found me and my journey to tarot professional, feel free to read my post, A Tarot Journey. You can also check out other cool blog posts that focus on reading techniques, such as Hot Topic: To Reverse or Not to Reverse, or How to Answer Any Question With Just One Card

    To contact me directly, head over to the Contact page by clicking here. You can send me your technical questions, submit a how-to question for our weekly Q and A session, as well as any other feedback or questions you have, I LOVE getting mail :) If you would like a reading, or to have your reading interpreted, click here for the Work with Me page. Welcome to Tarot Liza!

    Professional Bio

    I am a Professional Tarot reader, writer, and mentor.
    Member of the American Tarot Association.
    Member of Tarot Professionals.
    Tarosophy program grad, and these days, I continue my education with the Tarosophy advanced Hekademia program.
    Find me in April at Reader's Studio, an annual weekend Tarot Education event in New York City.
    When I'm not immersed in my Tarot bubble, you'll find me pursuing my hobbies, which include studying Astrology, Numerology and Classical Feng Shui, doing almost anything outside from hiking and biking to tubing and camping and generally lovin' it up at home with my main squeeze Jeff, our girls and our new little man!