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Ace of Cups


Image of The Ace of Cups cardLike all Aces, this is one of new beginnings. The Ace of Cups symbolizes new beginnings in the realm of emotions. This card can appear when you are beginning a new relationship or have found new love. In this case, it is real love that you want to commit your heart to, pure love. You may be making or receiving a declaration of love, receiving a marriage proposal or other type of advancement or gift in the area of love and affection! This Ace represents love in its purest form.
Because of its feminine archetype symbol of the vessel, or womb, it can indicate pregnancy, conception or giving birth. In this case, look around for the Empress, 3 of Cups, Page of Cups, and sometimes the Ace of Wands. This card can also indicate giving "birth" to something near and dear to your heart such as a project you have poured your love and devotion into, your creative "baby". The Ace of Cups symbolizes abundance, as the cup itself is overflowing with water, you too, may be overflowing with joy, love or happiness. Water represents emotions, and the overflowing abundance of water pouring out of the cup, and pooling into the vast sea of water below shows this to be an abundantly fertile time in your emotional life and development.
This Ace represents not just emotional opportunities, but spiritual ones as well. Notice the dove with the wafer, gracing the card and bringing an offering of spirituality. This is literally, the Holy Grail, making its presence in the physical world. A symbol for purity, realization, creation, awakening, enlightenment and the progression of the soul, the lotus blossoms in the water below signify enlightenment, they are a symbol of the divine, as they're roots reach down to the murky depths below, they're blossoms on the surface connect directly with the consciousness above each morning, before the flowers descend and close once more each night. This is a metaphor for the cycles of birth and death, and can be indicative of a process known as 'The Dark Night of the Soul' where one searches for a higher spiritual truth. Again, the hand coming out the clouds, another symbol of spirituality and enlightenment, with the large singular cup in its palm indicates that the opportunity is offered, but not guaranteed. You are being urged to take the cup!
Aces offer opportunities for potential in the realm related to the given suit, so in this instance, opportunities are available to you in matters of the heart. If the matter you are reading upon is not one of an emotional nature in general, than you may be being advised to consider it this way. What does your heart say about this opportunity? How do you truly feel about this opportunity, is it one that will bring you joy and abundance? For example, you are looking for information regarding a work matter. This card may indicate that it is not only a great opportunity for you, but one that will satisfy you emotionally as well, possibly filling a creative void, bringing a new opportunity for fulfillment. This could also be any kind of opportunity that brings you joy and happiness, such as learning a new art of any kind.
This Ace also embodies compassion and brings the opportunity to give as well. When this card appears, look for opportunities to both give, AND receive in love. Because this card is intrinsically spiritual in nature, it could represent a new opportunity for spiritual growth. Are you hearing a call from Spirit? Are you going through an Awakening? Be open to any opportunities that come your way, be they of a traditional nature or something out of the blue, like a last minute retreat! You may also find meditation deeply rewarding. Remember, Aces are fleeting; the opportunities they bring will not last forever. You must act upon them quickly to capitalize on the gift they offer. The advice of this card is to go with the flow, and listen to your heart.

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Ace of Cups Reversed

Image of The Ace of Cups card reversedWhen the Ace of Cups shows up reversed, there is a problem with the 'flow' of love, emotion, or spirituality in your life. The Ace of Cups represents new beginnings in each of these areas, and when it is reversed, there is a stalling out before you even get started. Aces are opportunities, NOT guarantees, I'll say it again, Aces are opportunities, not guarantees. You may be failing to recognize the offer in front of you, and therefore, you do not take it.

You may be blocking your heart to love and all that it has to offer. You may be repressing your emotions, withholding emotions out of fear of rejection or just genuinely disinterested. You may find yourself not open to what is being offered by another, or unfortunately, this card may be telling you that what it is you want, is NOT being offered.
A love affair may be ending, someone you are interested in does not reciprocate your feelings, or there may be complications or difficulties surrounding conception and pregnancy, or a complicated birth. A project that you just began or were hoping to start may fall through, or not have what is needed to take off. The cup is upside down, and all of the opportunity it signified is pouring away. Are you ignoring your heart's desire?
You may be choosing not to listen to your heart, or your intuition. This card, being a Cup, is very receptive in nature and is intrinsically connected to the Divine Feminine. You may be choosing to block the messages you are receiving from your heart, because they are too painful. This card indicates being overwhelmed emotionally, or not being able to properly and constructively handle your emotions in a given situation, or at large as a whole. You may be extremely out of balance emotionally, especially if you are reeling from a painful emotional upset.
You may be in a difficult relationship, one filled with both love and obstacles; whereas you are constantly on an emotional roller coaster. For your own well-being, the ride must come to an end. This card is urging you to seek the love and stability that is offered in this card. Taking the time to take a deep breath and center yourself can go a long way. This is a great opportunity for the practice of Meditation.
It could indicate that your Love Cup is empty. You could be feeling sadness related to being alone. What to do if there is no one to fill up your Love Cup? You fill it up yourself of course! We are responsible for keeping our own love tank filled. If you took just a moment to consider what things you truly love, what truly brings you joy, what would they be? Is there a hobby that you have been too busy for? Something you always wanted to try? A passion for something obscure? It's amazing what happens when we do something just for ourselves! Before the Two, there is Oneness. We must be comfortable, and truly in love with ourselves, before we can really love another completely. This is a wonderful time for looking within our own hearts, being honest about what we find there, and what we are really looking for.
Alternatively, you could be rejecting Spirit or denying the presence of spirituality in your life. You could be going through a personal crisis of faith, or a 'Dark Night of the Soul'. You may be struggling and feel abandoned by the God/Goddess/Spirit of your faith. You are not listening to your intuition, mistrusting your emotions, ignoring the call of Spirit. With the cup upside down, there is no place for the dove to land, to bless and fill the cup, there is only emotional or spiritual emptiness. Again, this a great time for meditation, to hear your divine purpose. A Rose Quartz stone may also be useful to help open your Heart Chakra.

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