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Ace of Pentacles


Image of The Ace of Pentacles cardIn the Ace of Pentacles, we see a hand extending from a cloud, cupping a large gleaming singular Pentacle. In the scenery below we see the physical suit of pentacles represented in a meadow or garden, a lovely lush, green, open space, adorned with several beautiful lilies. This garden is walled in with a large and beautiful hedgerow, but there is a path that leads out of this garden, through an arched opening into the landscape beyond, where a mountain can be seen.
Aces are all about beginnings and manifestations. They are not the final result, but the seed of opportunity. Seeing an Ace appear is exciting because it conveys that a new opportunity is opening up to you, the potential exists, if you recognize it, and take the steps to act on it. In the Suit of Pentacles, these opportunities come in the form of tangible, physical or financial offerings.
Many times the Ace of Pentacles can indicate that there is an opportunity opening up to you that carries the potential for wealth or prosperity. This can manifest in a couple of ways. One way it could be is in the form of a windfall, you could have a financial gift coming your way, but more often then not, it indicates that there is an opportunity for you to CREATE the wealth you are seeking.
It could be a business opportunity has cropped up for you to jump in on or take advantage of. It could also be that the job you have applied for will come through. Like all aces, the word 'opportunity' is the key, and we need to recognize and take advantage of the opportunities being presented to us and manifest them into something tangible. This may mean that it is time to start a new business, launch the latest product in your existing business, apply for a loan, or take a class to up-level your skills.
This is never more accurate than in the Suit of Pentacles, since this is the suit that actually represents tangible items of value or money itself. Consider the Law of Attraction, where we draw to us what it is we are consciously thinking about and the Law of Manifestation, where we actually CREATE what it is we desire.
Many times the Ace of Pentacles shows up when we are considering a new avenue for income or business, as a sign that the idea is a GO. It says that it is the right time to start the new venture. Maybe you are on the fence as to whether or not it is a solid venture, whether or not the time is right, whether you should apply for or accept that job. The answer is YES, you are being urged to grab onto that gleaming shiny pentacle and move forward!
Because this suit relates to all of the Earth signs and attributes, it also bodes well for planning and implementation of systems and goals. This card could come up to indicate that you would benefit from creating a systematized plan. You should consider that you are in the very beginning stages of your endeavor, and that to get off on the right foot and really hit the ground running, you may want to create both some short and long term goals, make a vision board, get a schedule down on paper, and get all of your resources in place.

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Ace of Pentacles Reversed

Image of The Ace of Pentacles card reversedDropping the financial ball. At this time, you are having a hard time holding on to money or other opportunities, they are slipping through your fingers so to speak. It could be that you currently don't have enough money, or you are overspending for your income. You may be in credit card debt, or are simply having trouble making ends meet because more goes out then comes in.
This could indicate a financial sum that you were expecting will not come through at this time, or that you will not be offered the financing you requested, the job you applied for will not be given to you at this time. Something may fall through. It could indicate that it is NOT the right time to start a new business, or take the next step in your current one that you are considering. You may need to go back to the drawing board and revise your current actions.
It could be that you are not taking advantage of opportunities that are presenting themselves, either because you do not have the financial resources to act on them, or you do not recognize them. You may need to look around and see if there is an opportunity that could help you that you are missing.
You may be reaching beyond what is reasonable for you right now. You may be expecting more than you have earned or have the resources to manage right now. You may need to scale your expectations back and start smaller and work your way up to what it is you want. Don't expect a handout or to be granted something that you haven't legitimately earned. Be realistic with your expectations.
You may be spinning your wheels because you have no systems in place. Your administrative skills may be a mess. Revisit the drawing board and map out a strategic plan for success. Do you have clearly defined short and long term goals with a realistic plan of achieving them? Do you have a long term vision and a schedule in place for planning your work and working your plan? You may not be set up for success, and this card is urging you to get all of your ducks in a row before attempting to begin something new.

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