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Ace of Wands


Image of The Ace of Wands cardYou are just beginning or initiating something. This is the creative seed or spark. This signifies that you have had a creative idea, and it is a "yes" for Go. Wands are the suit of Action, so when the Ace of Wands comes up, it signifies that you are beginning to undertake that action in your endeavor.This is also the suit of energy, so you are all "fired up" and eagerly moving forth boldly on your new project. This is a card for doing and conveys a lot of activity initiated.
Receiving this card in a reading is like getting the cosmic "thumbs up". Remember that an Ace represents the beginning of something, the seed, or the potential of the suit, therefore when you get the sign that "all systems are go", it will be up to you, where you take it from there. As with other cards in the deck associated with directionality, with this one, look to see what card the Wand is pointing at. This is where you should concentrate your action.

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Ace of Wands Reversed

Image of The Ace of Wands card reversedThe Ace of Wands Reversed says not right now. This card can symbolize delay. While you may be on to something, you do not yet have the systems in place to take action, which is what the upright Ace of this suit is about.
What ideas are you developing that could use fine tuning? What else do you have going on in your life that you may need to gently remove from your plate to make room for this new endeavor? Remember that removing things that are no longer useful will open up more room and opportunity in our lives for new and more fulfilling things.
You are not necessarily encouraged to abandon your project, but understand that it may take longer to get off the ground, until you focus your energies. Do you have your energy scattered across too many "good ideas"? Choose the very best one and focus on that for now. The opportunity is there, however there are simply other things that you need to pull together, before you can take off unbridled, with your project.

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