Building Confidence as a Reader

Hey there Tarotista! At this stage, you are no longer a novice and can even do readings on your own fairly well, without a book or a guide (99% of the time!). There are still some difficult cards that get you hung up (like those tricky court cards), but you are starting to feel like a REAL Tarot card reader. And that's because you are!

This stage is all about building CONFIDENCE. You've been reading for yourself for a while now and have probably started doing some multi-card spreads and even reading for a few friends.

You might be playing with new decks, and working to really understand the card meanings so that you can ensure your accuracy and read for others more and more!

The best part is that by this time, you've done enough readings to have had a few of those a-ha moments, where the Tarot was SOOOOO RIGHT it was ridiculous! As in, the times where the situation was soooooo unique and yet you pulled the ONE card that accurately and eerily depicted EXACTLY what unfolded. Those moments are there to build your faith!

Right now, the most important thing you can do is trust your intuition. You've been working on it, but feel like it's just your own thoughts right? Go with that gut instinct each time. What's your initial reaction to a card?

Resist the temptation to draw "extra" cards, or clarifying cards or do multiple readings on the same question. That just muddies the answer. Listening to your intuition goes hand in hand with trusting the Universe. TRUST that the Universe gave you the right the cards, it gave you the answer in the cards you drew. Trust that if it doesn't resonate right away, it may need to sit with you for a bit until it does.

When you put your faith and trust in both the Universe, and YOURSELF this way, you can trust that the answers are always there for you.

What You're Focusing On

Book Meanings vs. Intuition

Using a book or website is necessary in the beginning, but it can turn into a crutch. You have an idea of what the card means, but you may feel the need to "check what the book says".  This will limit your ability for your mind to really explore and get intuitive messages.

I strongly believe that learning the traditional meanings are necessary for a strong foundation, however at some point, we need to use those as our base for forming our own intuitive interpretations in the moment. One way to do this is to use my BIG BOOK of 800+ Keywords, keep It handy to jog a few ideas without getting sucked down the rabbit hole of pouring over paragraphs of other's interpretations.

Card by Card versus Telling the Story in the Cards

Admittedly this is one of the harder things to do and often heralds a turning point in our card reading abilities. Initially, we have a tendency to read and interpret the cards one by one as we move through the spread. But telling the story in the cards is really just a matter of recognizing patterns.

Is there a predominance of a particular suit? Numbers? Ratio of Major Arcana or court cards more than it should be? Do you see themes, multiple cards with similar messages (6 of Swords and 8 of Cups for example)? Telling the story is a matter of recognizing the pattern and elaborating that into words. And the more you consciously look for them and work on it, the more you'll begin to see them!

Reading for Others for Feedback

If you've been reading for yourself for a while now, and maybe a few friends, and you feel like you can accurately identify all of the cards the majority of the time, then it's time to take your reading game to the next level and read for others that you don't know. I know that sounds scary!

But NO amount of studying and practicing will grow your skills, confidence and accuracy the way reading for others will! People will tell you things you never dreamed of and you'll make so many card connections beyond the limits of your own insights until now! Find an event where you can read a lot of people in quick succession using only a few cards each (no more than 3) for free, like a charity or fundraiser event.

Best Free Resources