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Image of The Death cardDeath is about endings, however the appearance of this card should not scare you that your life, or someone else's, is ending. It is metaphorical. You have reached the end of a cycle in your life. This is a time of great Transformation, as whatever is ending in your life right now is making room for something completely new and beneficial for you. There are things in our lives that are no longer serving us, and in order to continue to grow, we MUST be willing to release those things, even when it is hard. Only then will we have room in our lives for something new and better. We only have so much space that can be occupied in our lives at one time.
The changes and losses that are occurring, although they may be difficult, remember they are truly in your best interest. Trying to hold on to the past will only make it more difficult and painful. Try to recognize what you need to let go of, and find the best way you can to make peace with it and part ways. Think of yourself as the mighty Phoenix. The bird will disintegrate into ashes, only to rise and be born again, into a more wondrous state. Do not resist any changes that are happening in your life right now even if you do not quite understand them at first. These may occur quickly and even though they catch you by surprise, don't assume they are bad. They are clearing away the old order so the new can emerge.
As an example, your company goes under, and you get laid off, something you never saw coming, and even though you weren't happy in your job, it was a paycheck and you needed it! In this example, you then find a job that is much more suited to your talents, one that brings you fulfillment and where you actually enjoy your responsibilities or co-workers, however you never would have gone looking for another job until your old one ended so abruptly. This is an example of these changes.
Of course, not all are so clearly wonderful, but they ARE all necessary for your own self growth. The Universe will not allow you to stay stagnant for too long. In addition to the theme of letting go, this goes hand in hand with eliminating. You may also be asked to let go of something physically, such as a bad habit, too much clutter or to purge negative thoughts and emotional baggage.

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Death Reversed

Image of The Death card reversedYou have reached the end of a cycle and an end to a circumstance, whatever that may be. A part of your life is coming to an end, and it NEEDS to end to promote your own self growth, for you to be healthy and continue to evolve. The real question is will you allow it? Many times when the Death card comes up reversed, you are strongly resisting the change that NEEDS to happen. That is why the lesson is so painful. When we hang on to things that we have outgrown, or they have outlived their usefulness, they will only cause us pain.
There is another reason this card is so powerful. It is associated with Scorpio/Pluto, the planet of Transformation and Revolution. It will not be reckoned with. Sweeping changes WILL be made. Will you meet them eye to eye, work with them, be it unpleasant, and accept them? Or will you resist? Pluto will have its way. How difficult the lesson will be depends on your willingness to participate and accept the Transformation. It IS bringing you what you need, whether you agree yet or not. The lesson here is for you to stop resisting them.
On a more spiritual level, you could be finally starting to feel better after a really hard time, or it could be a time that you are going through a major Pluto transit, and is worth checking into. You could be attempting to connect with spirits from the other side or interested in the dead in some way in general.

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