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Four of Cups


Image of The Four of Cups cardThe most common keyword for this card is Apathy. Here we have a young man sitting under a tree with his arms and legs folded. He sits alone, seemingly oblivious to all that is around him, including the four beautiful upright cups. The first three cups in front of him represent all that he already has. All of the things that he has brought with him. But these things are no longer fulfilling to him. He longs for something more, however he does not know what that is. There is a fourth cup that is being extended to him, from a hand in a cloud, a nod to the Ace, implying that this is a gift, again, an opportunity that is being offered to him, however in this case, he neither recognizes, or acknowledges it as such. He is bored, discontent or dissatisfied.
Things may be humming along fine when this card shows up, however, YOU on the other hand, are not fine with the fine! You want something more, you just don't know what it is yet. The problem with this card, is that the man seems to be indifferent. It is ok to want more, or something different, as long as you are still working to make forward movement. The man in this picture has more or less given up, and is simply sitting around, possibly even feeling sorry for himself, about how boring and uneventful he believes his life is.
If you receive this card in the upright position, it is time to take a look around. What do you have that you may no longer be grateful for, what gifts do you already possess that you could utilize? What opportunity is being offered to you that you are not seeing, recognizing, or simply not taking advantage of? You are not only disinterested in what you already have, you are failing to notice what else is also being offered to you. Open your eyes.
This card is a number 4 card, which confers stability. This is a very important quality, and one well worth having, but stability can come at the cost of excitement, novelty and unpredictability. If this is what you are missing, look for ways to add these things to your life. What DOES that fourth cup hold?
In the realm of relationship, it indicated dissatisfaction in the relationship. It could indicate loneliness, either in a relationship, or outside of a relationship. Many times, this card indicates the need to figure out how to make all of the pieces of the puzzle fit together. We met our beloved in the Ace, coupled in the Two and expanded upon that in the Three. Now here is what we have settled into. If it is a boring routine, or you are having difficulty making it all come together cohesively, then this is the challenge of the Four.
Interestingly, the man seems to be sitting in a modified Lotus position. This card can be indicative of the need or desire to meditate, or even to get out and commune with Nature. Sometimes, having a comfortable seat out in the stillness and beauty of nature TO mediate can do wonders! Use this opportunity to search out in your heart and mind what you are seeking. It could be spiritual fulfillment that you seek as well. This is the positive side to this card, it represents the fallow period, where one can take the time out to truly re-evaluate things. You could be daydreaming, putting things together in your mind, before taking action. The key is to use that period constructively, and then get moving.
One important thing to note about posturing, is that this man has his arms folded in front of his body, a clear sign that he is closing himself off to people, ideas, and opportunities. If this is you, it is a sign that a little fire energy is in order.

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Four of Cups Reversed

Image of The Four of Cups card reversedMany times the Four of Cups reversed brings a return to action. You have been still for too long. Whatever the reason, restlessness, boredom, you begin to take action. It could be that you took the much needed time out to figure out what it is that you want or need, and are now ready to go after it. You listened in the stillness and now have a plan for forward movement. If you are still stuck in the mud, the appearance of this card is a clear indicator that it is time to get moving again.
Take a look around, there is an opportunity available to you that you should be taking. Your job is to recognize it, before it is gone. This could come in several forms, it could be a new acquaintance, it could be a re-visiting of a previous option that did not work out then, but is a possibility now.
It could be an unforeseen opportunity, new solutions to old problems. The key is to look in new places. The previous three Cups are overturned and empty; they don't have anything left for you. This card suggests it is a new opportunity you are to seize. If you open your eyes and look around, you will find your golden Cup in the clouds, a breakthrough is imminent. Carpe Diem!

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