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Four of Wands


Image of The Four of Wands cardThis is a happy and joyous time. The Four of Wands denotes celebrations, engagements, and happy announcements. Family structures and harmony are emphasized here. This can refer to a specific event, such as a marriage, an engagement announcement, a birth of a new family member or announcement of a new family member on the way, a graduation, or the finding of a new secure and lovely home. These are all culminating events, and as such, this card represents consolidations, efforts applied that result in celebrations or rites of passages, such as a Bar Mitzvah. This is the harvest, rewards reaped from the work applied in the Three.
This card denotes stability, by the strong and substantial looking castle in the background, and the number of the card which is four, the number of stability itself. Joyous and harmonious times are emphasized here, especially in matters relating to home. Naturally this card is connected to Venus, planet of love, beauty and abundance. Retreats or time away luxuriating can also be affiliated with this card as can social gatherings. Remember, as this card is a four, you are building a strong base or foundation now, and that is going to be very important as change will likely be upcoming.

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Four of Wands Reversed

Image of The Four of Wands card reversedMany texts maintain that this is one of the few cards where the reversed remains largely unchanged from the upright. Like the Sun card, blessings still abound, and all is generally well, but there may be slight aggravations or disturbances in how you perceive things. You may be happy to attend the wedding of a close friend, but resent the long drive or the expense of a new dress for example. There are several hallmarks of the reversed card.
First, is a lack of stability and second is moving to a LESS ideal situation. There is also the need to learn to appreciate what you already have. The four in its upright denotes stability, naturally in reverse; it will denote a less stable environment. As an example, you switch to a job that offers less stability or may be temporary or having you move home bases frequently.
Another example would be someone, maybe a young person, who decides to leave home for greener pastures, only to find that what they had was not so bad, and offered far more stability and enjoyment. This could represent a new home you move to being a house and never really "a home", being present but disconnected from all that is going on around you. It could be moving to a first apartment, and it is difficult, however, over time, the long term benefits start to emerge, such as an increase in your level of responsibility and such.

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