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Gratitude in the Tarot

Gratitude in the TarotGratitude in the Tarot. November is the month that we give Gratitude a little bit more attention here in the United States because it is the time of year that we celebrate Thanksgiving. After all of the fun, celebration and remembrance of Halloween, Samhain and Dia de los Muertos, the atmosphere around us quickly changes as everyone moves into the hustle and bustle of the Holiday season.
Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful, but that doesn't need to wait to happen at the dinner table on Thanksgiving when we say our prayers and chow down the delicious food that was made! November can be a month long celebration in gratitude, and that's just the beginning.
What is gratitude? Gratitude is being grateful for all of the things in your life. It's being grateful for all of the wonderful things that you have, but also of the things that haven't quite gone so right, because of the lessons they brought you.
Gratitude in Difficult Times
Have you ever thought that everything happens for a reason? That even the negative things you have experienced, such as heartbreak, lost love, failed relationships, dead-end jobs, career setbacks, have all been things that have happened FOR you, not TO you?
The Universe is always, ALWAYS on our side, seeking to bring us the best things in life. You've likely heard that old saying, that when one door closes, another one opens? How about, a BETTER one opens?
We think we know what we want, or what's best for us, but truly, that distinction falls in the Universe's lap, not our own. So many times when we experience something we don't like, we ask why this had to happen to us, and what we could have done differently to prevent it.
But what if, there was nothing you could do to prevent it, because you were not SUPPOSED to prevent it? It was an experience you needed to have, an experience you were to learn from. A lesson your soul made a contract to come into this lifetime and learn.
Sometimes we need to experience these negative things in life so that we can stretch and grow into the magnificence we are to become. Growth does NOT come from things that are easy, we all know that growth comes from going through the things that are hard, the things that are painful.
I write about this, not because I want any of us to experience things that are hard or painful, but because I want you to know there is a divine purpose in it, and to be GRATEFUL for all of those negative things you have gone through. They were to prepare you for something better.
Gratitude in Good Times
Just as it is easy to forget to be grateful when things are hard, it is equally simple to forget to be grateful when things are going well! It is sooooooo easy to just go swimming along in life, getting through our day-to-day activities while forgetting to be grateful for all of the wonderful things we already have.
We often remember at Thanksgiving to sit down at the table and say a prayer that includes the things we are grateful for. This often includes our family, food and health. We often close our eyes and hold hands with those next to us, while one of us leads prayer. Sometimes we even go around and all share something we are grateful for.
It's important though to be grateful EVERYDAY, not just on a special occasion. Did you know, that the more you are grateful for, the more the Universe will give you? If you aren't already grateful and appreciative of what you have, the Universe isn't going to dish out more to you.
If I gave you a gift, and you didn't appear to care about it or acknowledge it, would I give you another? Yet if you were extremely grateful and appeared to truly love and appreciate it so much, I would likely assume you'd like more if it!
The Universe works in much of the same way. What we think about we bring about, like attracts like and we attract what we think about and talk about. Constantly lamenting about your lack of money? That mindset attracts more LACK. But talk about how much money you have and you are so grateful for (even if it's not a lot), signals the Universe to send MORE of that. Making gratitude a daily practice is the KEY to having more!
Gratitude in Practice
Practicing gratitude everyday, not just in good times, and not just at Thanksgiving is the key to getting everything you want in life. Gratitude is the biggest weapon in your manifesting arsenal, and one of the most healing practices I know of.
As soon as you find yourself thinking about something that went wrong, or things you don't have, start thinking of all you DO. That will turn you around real quick. The mind can be very simple this way, and when you start listing off all you have to be grateful for, it changes your mindset instantly.
One way to practice gratitude is to make a list everyday in the morning of ten things you are grateful for. Yes they can be simple things like your morning coffee or the fact that you have electricity and running water. These things are not as basic as we have written them off to be.
If you are reading this blog post, than you are probably already better off than 90% of the people in this world. There is A LOT to be grateful for. Starting off your day with a gratitude list is such a powerful experience, not only with the messages you send to the universe, but even the unconscious messages you send yourself. Gratefulness for ANYTHING is a powerful trigger for positivity in the brain and heart.
Gratitude in the Tarot
So let's look at some other ways we can be grateful. Gratitude is everywhere in the Tarot if you look for it! There is another saying I absolutely love, and that is that we will find whatever it is we are looking for, so look for great things. People can always find a reason to be upset if they are looking for one, but the opposite is also true! If you go about your day with a grateful heart, looking for things of wonder, beauty and kindness in the world, that is what you will find.
One way to find the Gratitude in the Tarot is to incorporate your cards into your practice of gratefulness. While there are some cards that we automatically think of when we think of Gratitude in the Tarot, there are ways to be grateful in EVERY card.
After making your gratitude list, what if you asked the Universe to help you by finding gratitude in the tarot, and each day you pull a card as a prompt of what you may want to share your gratitude for that day.
Sure it's easy when you pull the 3 of Cups to thank the Universe for the wonderful girlfriends you have in your life. Or that support group who has your back time and time again.
How to Mine the Gems of Gratitude in the Tarot
But how else can we find gratitude in the tarot? What about when we draw difficult cards? What if you asked the Universe to help you find gratitude in the tarot, and you drew the 10 of Swords? What of that? Well, maybe in that instance, you are thanking the Universe for letting you hit rock bottom, knowing that you had to get to that point, before you were ever going to find your way back up.
Maybe you are already experiencing a painful or difficult situation. In this case, it can be hard to find anything to be grateful for. Yet this is another great instance where we can ask the Universe to help us find the gratitude in the tarot deck for this situation. You can ask what there is in this situation that you can be grateful for and draw a card.
What if you asked the Universe to assist you in finding gratitude in the tarot and you pulled a seemingly benign card like Temperance? Did you know that you can be grateful for things that you DON'T even have, and the Universe will reward you with more of that very thing?
So in our example of Temperance, maybe the very thing you desperately need in your life is more balance. Things are way OUT of balance, your home/work life balance is a wreck and you long ran out of patience with your family members some days.
This card is a reminder to be grateful for those things! "Dear Universe, I am so thankful to have a wonderful family and job, I am so grateful to have time for both, and so appreciative of the patience that this balance is teaching me." Yes. You will get more of those things.
Gratitude in the Tarot Cards
You can also pull out any card that you specifically want to work with for gratitude, and keep that card front and center. Maybe there are certain things you want to be grateful for or you want to have more of. Pull out the corresponding card and journal about that!
Maybe you want to have a better connection with your partner? Pull out the Lovers or the 2 of Cups and set it in front of you as you journal about what a wonderful and fulfilling connection you already have and what aspects of it (that you want to manifest) that you are so grateful for already!
Of course, no article about gratitude in the Tarot would be complete without a list of Tarot cards that specifically show and speak of Gratitude though right? So to get us started, here is a short list of cards that inspire gratitude in the tarot, in no particular order. Of course this is not exhaustive, you can add whatever cards also speak of gratitude to you!
The Cards
The Magician- You are the master manifester of all there is to be grateful for in your life!
The Nine of Cups- When we already have our hearts desires, what better time to shower the Universe with our gratefulness!
The Ten of Cups- We've reached the pinnacle of family happiness.
The Ten of Pentacles- The fruit of our labors, a solid foundation of both finances but also stability.
The Aces- All of them! Each presents us with a new opportunity to take advantage of, and that is always something to be grateful for!
The Three of Cups- These women are dancing in a circle and celebrating what they have- each other.
The Four of Wands- Another card of celebration, and in turn, more to be grateful for.
The Sun- An opportunity to be grateful for all of the wonderful things we've been given or have in our lives. The Sun brings abundance.
The World- An opportunity to be grateful for all that we have achieved, and where we have arrived.
The Empress- THE card for abundance. If there was a card to signify all there is to be grateful for, this would be it!
Wheel of Fortune- Although a card of luck, this a wondrous card of opportunities!
The Hanged Man- Yep, this can be a wonderful card for gratitude in the tarot, it asks us to slow down and see things from a different perspective. Maybe that hard thing is actually a blessing?
The Star- Nothing says gratitude like counting your blessings.
The Nine of Pentacles- My favorite, we can be ever so grateful for where we have gotten to in life, another card of Abundance, like the Empress.
The Six of Cups- It's so important to be appreciative of the little things in life, like the flowers.
How do YOU find Gratitude in the Tarot
I'd love to know, how do YOU find Gratitude in the tarot, but also in your life? I GENUINELY hope that you will start a daily gratitude practice. Whether you use your tarot cards, or how you use them is completely up to you, but one thing I know for sure, it never hurt ANYONE to say thank you!
Everytime you thank someone for something, you are showing Gratitude. Everytime you thank the Universe for something you have, you are showing Gratitude. Everytime you tank the Universe for something you DON'T YET HAVE, you are showing gratitude and attracting more of THAT into your life!
I hope you make your Gratitude list each morning. It takes just 5 minutes and will change your mindset as you approach your day! A fun way to learn card meanings can be incorporated here. Ask your cards, "what should I be most grateful for today?" Pull a card. It may be something you are already aware of, or something to watch out for on your daily travels. So fun!
Please join us on social if you haven't already to share how you are expressing Gratitude each day! November is a wonderful month to begin this practice but don't stop there. Let the benefits you receive from practicing gratitude continue with you all year long.
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I'm Liza, professional Tarot reader, writer and mentor, and this is Tarot Liza. Everyday we're working to bring our mission of delivering more value and Tarot education to the Modern Reader to life! Welcome! Read more...

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