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Holiday Help from the Tarot

Holiday Help From the TarotHoliday help from the tarot. It's December and the holidays are officially here. This is the time of year where our stress levels go up! Although it is supposed to be a joyful time of year ("it's the most wonderful tiiiiimmmmeeeee of the year"), it's often mixed with a lot of other feelings!
There is the financial stress that comes from gift giving, even in modest amounts. The emotional stress of seeing relatives that you only see at holidays, with some of them being people you could do without seeing! The travel to the holiday destinations and the craziness that ensues that day or week.
How about all of the increased traffic, both on the roads and in every single store you could possibly enter, including the grocery store! And the people themselves are also flustered or in a hurry or stressed as well. The employees are often not thrilled that the traffic increases as people's moods decrease!
Not to mention all of the time you need to find for #allthethings. You know, to cook and to bake and to shop and to decorate and to wrap and to...fill in the blank. It can be unending! So this year we're going to talk about some ways to make the holidays a bit less stressful if we can, with the help of the tarot, tarot holiday help to the rescue!
Holiday Help Tip Number 1
Pull a card every day. Yep, I went there. "But Liza, that is sooooooo overated!" Stick with me… yes a card a day is a common thing, but for good reason! It works! But in this case, we won't be pulling your usual card a day. For the month of December leading up to Christmas, I'm suggesting you pull an INTENTION for the day.
Meaning, you go into it with the mindset that the card is not to "predict" or describe your day, but to offer you advice on how to best manage or handle the day. It's to inspire you with an intention you may want to have for the day. For example, if you pulled the 4 of Cups, your intention might be that you are going to let anything that comes your way today, gently pass you by. Make no decisions on anything big, allow things to come and go, today is a day for contemplation only.
How might this help you when you find yourself in the craziness of the day, getting caught up in all of the things? Whenever there is a stressful moment, you can mentally refer back to your card/intention of the day for a little cosmic guidance on how to best handle the situation.
Holiday Help Tip Number 2
If you know you are going to be spending any significant time with relatives, then a fun little exercise might be to assign each of them a card. Think about how you know them and what kind of personality they often have (especially at family events), and assign them the court card that matches. Now spend a little bit of time thinking about how to best MANAGE that court card.
Think about that cards qualities and how to best negate them. If your Great Aunt Betty is a somewhat insulting Queen of Swords reversed, pointedly asking rude questions like "when are you going to find a man to marry you?", then you can think of ways to disarm each suit member. For example, an icy Queen of Swords might warm up if you start off with some kind loving Queen of Wands energy.
Holiday Help Tip Number 3
Not sure what to get the people in your life? Draw some inspiration from your cards! This is a fun cute little activity that might just bring a little joy to your shopping. When you aren't sure what to get for someone, just ask the cards! Then take a clue from whatever card you draw. The Empress? Something a bit luxurious, quality over quantity. Temperance? Maybe a bottle of wine!
Get creative here and have fun. This is designed just to spark some ideas, but also, to help you know your tarot cards even deeper. This will inspire new thoughts and associations that you haven't come up with before, and then you can add those meanings to your library as well!
Holiday Help Tip Number 4
Do a tarot reading for any major holiday events coming up so you can get a lay of the land before you go. A good reading can help you identify any potential pitfalls and navigate the landmines! With a heads up of what the day brings, you'll be better prepared for it. We know it's never perfect, but we can set ourselves up for success if we are prepared ahead of time.
You can create a custom spread specifically for you or find a simple one on the internet, or on Pinterest. Questions to ask would include things like:
What do I need to watch out for today?
Who may cause me some stress today?
Who or what is ally that can help?
What steps should I take to head off any issues?

These are just a few suggestions, you can take the time to really make this your own and make it something that works for you!
Holiday Help Tip Number 5
Be aware of the astro-weather. This one isn't tarot related but it's close, and it's important! We are in some incredibly busy astro times! If you are reading this at the time of the 2019 holiday, we have Jupiter moving into Capricorn right now. Pluto and Saturn are already there. The Sun and Mercury are going in as well. Venus goes out as the Moon comes in. This is A LOT of Capricorn energy. Check out your chart and see where all of this action is happening for you!
On top of that, we have a Full Moon in the middle of month, but more importantly, we have a major New Moon Eclipse in Capricorn the day after Christmas! We are back in eclipse season and this energy is potent and powerful! It also builds up over the weeks leading up to Christmas, which means we will be feeling it during the holiday season! This is a good time to read up on the eclipse to find out what it's bringing, and where it is falling in your own chart, so you know WHERE in your life it's going to affect you (work, love, money, family etc).
Holiday Help Wrap-Up
My last tip is personal, and that is to take it sloooow. I know that seems ridiculous. But we do so many things that we truly do not have to do. Don't let family, or "tradition" pressure you into anything you don't want to do. It's ok to do what brings you peace. The feathers that get ruffled are not your burden. You must protect yourself and your own health and happiness, however that feels right to do.
Do less. Strive for more "experiences" this year and less "things". Go to the nutcracker ballet, or a similar holiday show. Drive around and look at holiday lights. Bake cookies with someone you love. Listen to holiday music and drink hot cocoa on a snow day and watch an old holiday movie with your favorite person. There are so many ways to enjoy the holidays without being on the go, go, go.
I'd love to hear any additional ideas that you may have on how to have a stress-less holiday season that truly brings peace and joy! Please join us in our Facebook group Tarot for the Modern Reader right now!

I'm Liza, professional Tarot reader, writer and mentor, and this is Tarot Liza. Everyday we're working to bring our mission of delivering more value and Tarot education to the Modern Reader to life! Welcome! Read more...

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