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Image of The Judgement cardJudgement is one of the four Angel cards in the deck. This card features Archangel Gabriel, blowing the trumpet, the Call to Action. We see the man, woman and child rise up out of the coffins, this card is also known as the Awakening. This is the second to last card in the Major Arcana, signifying that your journey is reaching a culmination. Decisions and choices are ready to be made, assignments, to be accepted.
There is a heavy emphasis on the Scorpio/Pluto energy. Change is inevitable. That is the awakening you are going through. You are nearing the end of a cycle. Sometimes we have cycles in our lives that are no longer serving our self growth, and we know that they are near destructive, but we have had them for SO long, we don't know any other way of living without them, and we are too frightened to try. Even when we have something else good to look forward to, it can be very difficult to give up something that we have held onto for so long.
This is like waking up one day and having a major realization. Your whole mindset changes and you realize what path you should be on. You may be able to take a look at where you have been, mistakes you have made, and things that you have stumbled upon that you found brought you joy and begin to realize where your true gifts lie and what you should be doing with your life. Imagine the sounding of a trumpet...this is your call to action...did you hear it?
There is a "born-again" quality within this card. You may hear your true calling. You get the chance to reach for greater heights than ever before. Do not stay in your comfortable, but slumbering spiritual state. If you do, what used to protect you, will now entrap you. Sometimes the changes that are called for can seem very radical to the way you have been previously living and we find ourselves resisting the changes. There may be difficult decisions that need to be made, but some decision needs to be made. Even making a seemingly "wrong" or "bad" decision, if you believe there is such a thing, is better than indecision, which leaves us stagnated.
Pluto is also a planet about control, and rising high so you will be in a powerful position. Sometimes this call to action involves a change within yourself, and other times it can involve using your power to influence the masses, to lead a movement. Do not misuse these powerful energies the Universe is gifting you with. More than anything, it is a time to evaluate where you are at, at the end of the cycle, and how to move forward from here. This is an awakening for you. You should be able to take the things you have learned up until now, and integrate them into a fulfilling resolution.

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Judgement Reversed

Image of The Judgement card reversedIn Judgement reversed, the number one manifestation of this card is the rejecting of the call to action. You are dealing with issues related to control and stagnation. This is another manifestation of the Pluto energy associated with this card, think of the Death card reversed, where one denies what needs to happen. One denies the changes that truly need to take place for growth. You simply cannot hold on to old outdated and worn out structures. Again remember the mighty Phoenix, the stunning and majestic bird who rises out of the ashes of what was burnt down.
You are at a point where decisions need to be made, and these are not necessarily frightening ones that will break your world apart, they may even be related to things that make you happy or will help you grow, but you are simply not addressing them. The longer you wait, you lose momentum, or even the ability to make the decision yourself, before someone else does so for you. You need not be afraid. You may also be running headstrong and not taking the time to look at the things that need to be addressed. What can you learn from the situations you have already been though to help you now? What mistakes have you learned from? The decisions and changes that need to be made are inevitable, don't procrastinate making them out of fear, it is more likely that they will turn out favorable when you exercise your control in making them. We can't control everything that happens TO us, but we can control how we handle those things, how we resolve them, and where we go from there to make them better.
Right now you are rejecting the "Call from Within". Every day that you don't answer, you are losing valuable time and opportunities to fulfilling your life's true purpose. We are all here to do something special, and have special gifts to offer. When you are feeling a void in your life, listen to the small voice of your intuition, and see what that has to tell you. This is answering the call from within.

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