Tarot for the Modern Reader

Tarot for the Modern Reader

The Suit of Pentacles

Image of The Fool cardWhen the spread is made up of many Majors, it can then be said that this is a very important and powerful reading that you need to pay close attention to. There will be a lot that you do not have control over, and you may feel you are at the mercy of the Universe, but this is of a Karmic nature, and it is very important that you absorb the meaning and the lesson.
The Universe will consistently present us with situations that stretch and challenge us, in areas that we have a Karmic debt to fill. When the lesson is successfully learned, we are freed of it, in this lifetime and the following. If not, the Universe will just keep bringing us more "opportunities" to learn the lesson.  When Major Arcana cards come up reversed, it indicates a need to return to the lesson of the card before, as you have not yet integrated that lesson, thus this is a learning opportunity that must be mastered before you can move on to the next lesson.
The Major Arcana cards represent the core of our spiritual beings. These are 22 very powerful archetypes that represent many facets of our lives. The archetypes in the cards are depicted with a vast variety of symbolism spanning many cultures and religions. There are many meanings assigned to the cards, but it is important for you to look at the cards, free your mind and listen for the small voice inside of you to give you personal meaning. When you think of something random or seemingly mundane, that is likely your intuition speaking to you.
It is good to have a solid foundation of meanings for the cards, but it is just as important to let each card speak to you each time you turn them over. You will find different meanings for the same card over and over in different readings if you tune into your intuition. Having a growing knowledge of symbolism can help deepen your practice as well. You may notice that you have several cards with the same symbol on them, such as Wings, or a White Rose. As you learn what these things represent, it can uncover additional messages for you.

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    Image of The Fool card

    The Fool

    Keywords: New beginnings, opportunities, carefree, naivete, innocent, a journey

    Reverse Keywords: Foolishness, risky behavior, not time for something new

    Image of The Magician card

    The Magician

    Keywords: Initiation, raw power, manifestation, action, communication, travel

    Reverse Keywords: False start, re-doing things, miscommunication, blocked energy, trickster

    Image of The High Priestess card

    The High Priestess

    Keywords: Secrets, intuition, mystery, feminine independence, spiritual wisdom

    Reverse Keywords: Secrets exposed, blocked intuition, not listening to gut

    Image of The Empress card

    The Empress

    Keywords: Abundance, fertility, creativity, mothering, pregnancy, growth, expansion, beauty, luxury

    Reverse Keywords: Difficulty with/as mother, pregnancy complications, blocked creativity or growth

    Image of The Emperor card

    The Emperor

    Keywords: Authority, father figure, structure, order, stability, rules, routine, boss, government

    Reverse Keywords: Domineering, overbearing, abuse of power, controlling, dictatorship

    Image of The Hierophant card

    The Hierophant

    Keywords: Conformity, tradition, institutions, orthodox beliefs, church, marriage

    Reverse Keywords: Breaking tradition, unorthodox views, rejecting traditional norms

    Image of The Lovers card

    The Lovers

    Keywords: Soulmate, relationship, meaningful love, choice, duality, decisions

    Reverse Keywords: Difficulty in relationship, a fight or rift, inability to make a decision

    Image of The Chariot card

    The Chariot

    Keywords: Victory, progress, will, determination, surmounting obstacles, reconciling opposites

    Reverse Keywords: No direction, lost confidence, unmotivated, spinning your wheels

    Image of The Strength card


    Keywords: Inner strength, fortitude, animal desires, power, confidence, passion

    Reverse Keywords: Weakness, feeling powerless, no confidence, cowardly

    Image of The Hermit card

    The Hermit

    Keywords: Solitude, introspection, time, sage, wisdom, guru, prudence

    Reverse Keywords: False guru, too long alone, hiding, rejecting solitude, perfectionist

    Image of The Wheel of Fortune card

    The Wheel of Fortune

    Keywords: Luck, fate, destiny, fortune, chance, positive turn of events

    Reverse Keywords: Poor luck, misfortune, don't take chances, difficult turn of events

    Image of The Justice card


    Keywords: Fairness, equality, the law or legal system, writing, judge or lawyer

    Reverse Keywords: Unfair outcome, unjust, difficulty writing, delay, corruption

    Image of The Hanged Man card

    The Hanged Man

    Keywords: New perspectives, contemplating, suspension, surrender, sacrificing materialism, meditation

    Reverse Keywords: Thinking outside-the-box, selfish, resentful, holier-than-thou attitude

    Image of The Death card


    Keywords: Transformation, rebirth, letting something go, endings, fresh start

    Reverse Keywords: Refusing change, stagnation, can't let go, contacting the dead

    Image of The Temperance card


    Keywords: Moderation, blending, balance, homeostasis, tempering extremes, utilizing patience, a healer

    Reverse Keywords: Out of balance, extremes, no moderation, no patience, healing blocked

    Image of The Devil card

    The Devil

    Keywords: Materialism, addictions, slave to something, pleasure and desires, overindulgence

    Reverse Keywords: Recovering from or releasing addictions, breaking bad habits, removing chains that bind

    Image of The Tower card

    The Tower

    Keywords: Crisis, sudden change, natural disaster, explosive situation

    Reverse Keywords: Narrowly averted disaster, managing crisis, warning sign

    Image of The Star card

    The Star

    Keywords: Hope, optimism, faith, astrology, spotlight, healing

    Reverse Keywords: Lack of faith, despair, denying your gifts, hopelessness

    Image of The Moon card

    The Moon

    Keywords: Lack of clarity, illusions, delusion, moon cycles, messages and signs

    Reverse Keywords: Irrational, "lunatic", hidden things exposed, blocked messages

    Image of The Sun card

    The Sun

    Keywords: Creativity, joy, happiness, optimism, success, confidence, vitality, warmth, clarity

    Reverse Keywords: Pessimism, lack of vitality or health, rainy, cloudy, sunburn, burnout

    Image of The Judgement card


    Keywords: Awakening, true calling, call to action, powerful, near end of cycle

    Reverse Keywords: Not heeding the call, rejecting the call from within

    Image of The World card

    The World

    Keywords: Completion, success, reaching the pinnacle, achieving goals, the summit

    Reverse Keywords: Goals delayed, cycle not yet complete, travel delayed, barriers