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November Monthly Tarot Forecast


Current Overview of the Month

Five of Cups Reversed
I don't know if I should feel disappointed I'm looking at this card, or just happy it's reversed! The truth is, the outlook, the energy, our environment, it's all happening around us whether we choose to acknowledge it or not. Knowing what it is can help us make the best of it. How do you feel when you see this card?
Right now, you may be feeling sad. You may have gotten some bad news. You may have had your heart broken. You may have lost something or someone so very dear to you in some way. The bad news is, there is some hurt going on.
But you know what? I'm guessing you already knew that. And this card, is about turning around after the pain, picking up the pieces, and moving on. Yeah, that sucks. I know. Sometimes we have to just put on our big girl (or boy) panties and keep on trucking. This card brings hope. Whatever it is, it has already happened. This card is an indication that this month, you will start moving in a new direction. One that lets you figure out how to go forward and make the best of the situation. No, it won't be the same, but yes, you do have options. You will be ok.


Challenges or Obstacles this Month


Ten of Cups Reversed
Relationships at home, with your family, may prove to be a bit of a challenge this month. It may be that you aren't considering each other's needs in accordance with your own and trying to find a balance. It may be that a bit of selfishness is at play. It may also be that whatever it is that we are saddened by, what we are getting over, and what we are dealing with emotionally, is taking us away from our family and the love that they have to give to us.
Maybe you feel slighted by your family. They are supposed to have our backs right? It can be upsetting and painful when we are going through a hard time, and those that we count on the most for emotional support or help in some other way, aren't there to give it, or choose not to. It can be so hurtful to feel that you don't have your family to count on, or a division in your family. As difficult times arise, try to not let your family life suffer, or do your best to keep open communication with them and to keep the bonds strong. It may be tough this month.


Action and Advice to Heed This Month


Nine of Swords Reversed
Our action to take this month, or advice, comes from the Nine of Swords. Now I'm one of those people that believes every card turns up for a reason, so if the Universe believes this is what's best, I don't question it! So let's attempt to understand what the Nine of Swords has to offer us.
In this card, I think the message is that we need to open our eyes to what is going on around us, take responsibility for what is ours, and also be able to discern what is real, and what isn't. This card shows someone so upset, overcome by nightmares and even becoming depressed, but we also know that much of what we are upset about, is perceived and may not be 100% real. Just like when we move back into the upright 8 of swords, we know that it is only through ourselves, that we can be free. That we are holding ourselves back.
As the saying goes when it comes to worrying, "Whether you can, or can't do something about the situation, worrying does not bring anything good, just stress and upset". So if we can do something about it, great! If we can't, well, we gotta' let it go. I know, easier said than done right??
So I ask you, where are you feeling worried and anxious, and what can you do about it? If you take a few calming deep breaths, can you look at the situation a little more objectively and make some clearer observations? Do you see some actions you could take that could help solve this month's imbalances and take some of the stress and pressure off?




Final note….Well this month is looking rough. To pull it all together, there is something going on that is causing you pain, but you either won't have your family on hand as you had hoped, or it may take you away from your family quite a bit this month. We're likely going to feel quite stressed, worried or overwhelmed, but we need to remember what we can and can't do, and learn to let go of the rest and leave it in the Universe's hands.

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