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October Monthly Tarot Forecast


Current Overview of the Month

Justice Reversed
Well, we just got the same card as last month for the Overview. That's certainly against the odds isn't it? Two months in a row, the same card out of 156 options. Hhmm. We have also officially entered Libra season, as associated with this card. It could indicate that the month may be challenging regarding keeping things balanced. We might still be working on fairness and partnership, especially with a FULL MOON in Aries on Oct.5th basically shouting "Me! Me! Me!". Keep at it.
When the Justice card comes up reversed, I always get the sense that Justice will not be served. It's never really an indication of whether or not things will go our way, it's more a feeling that they won't, when they should, or they will, when we know inside, they really shouldn't. Be careful where you find yourself on this issue.
We can feel that things have turned out unfairly or that we were cheated in some way. But this card can also indicate when things are out of balance. We have a lot going on and are having a hard time getting it all done, or all worked out. It's also representative of the air sign, Libra, and since we are now well into Libra season, it could simply be letting us know we have some challenges. There are a few powerful astrology aspects going on this month.


Challenges or Obstacles this Month


Ten of Swords
I think in many ways, we are going to feel like it's over before we even get started, like we're cooked. Time to give up, surrender, throw in the towel! Why bother anyway! As this card shows, we are definitely dealing with rock bottom on some things. But of course coming out of this Pluto transit, we know there are things that we are being forced to let go of and deal with, if we didn't work on it during the retrograde process. Pluto brings purging. And while it can be ever-so-painful in the moment, it is cathartic, cleansing and purifying as well. Truly transformative. So think about what you need to acknowledge as truly over and purge from your life.


Action and Advice to Heed This Month


Eight of Cups Reversed
This tells us that we still have options left. That it is not time to walk away completely. There may be things that you need to address, redo or re-structure, but in the reversed Eight of Cups, the message is that it is not time to give up and walk away. There is still work to do. I personally find this card to have an element of Hope to it. It tells us that our situation still has life left in it. Your next task is to determine what it is you TRULY want so that you can hone in on that. Once you know, you may then decide to move on after all, if it's not what you currently have. But until you know, you don't really know where you are going anyway. Don't decide or judge options by your rational mind. You are being called to use your heart and go with your gut.




Final note….I think we are going to feel like we are getting screwed over and our goose is cooked. We could possibly feel dejected and beaten. But we are not. Stay the course. Time to drop the dead weight and focus on what we really truly want. Go get 'em!

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