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Image of The Page of Pentacles cardWhen a court card shows up in a reading, we need to determine if it represents another person, or an aspect of ourselves. Depending on where it falls in the spread, it could represent a child, or a younger person. It could also represent YOU. How you are acting in the current situation, or a good personality to emulate, to get you to where you would like to go. It can also represent situations, so in the case of a Page, this is usually seen as a situation just coming into being, or more likely messages you are to be receiving.
In the Page of Pentacles we see a serious young man staring very intently at the large Pentacle he holds up. He wears a short tunic, as do all of the Pages, as a symbol of their youth, or naiveté, as compared to the Queen or King, whose long gowns connote wisdom, respect, authority and tenure. The Page was seen as more of an adviser to the King, such as a court jester, who was the only one allowed to speak the truth to the King and not lose his head!
The Page of Pentacles is the most serious of all the pages, naturally, as the Suit of Pentacles by nature is a very earthy, grounded suit. The Page of Pentacles is the proverbial student, and as such, when he appears in a reading, he could be calling your attention to any matter of study or discipline. He loves learning just for the sake of learning. This page deals with things that are disciplined and tangible, so he may spend time studying, or learning through vo-tech, co-op, on-the-job training or any other method that combines learning with the physical world. You could be working hands on, at entry level, learning new skills as you go.
As a Pentacle family member, he takes his time with his work, quality is more important that quantity. He is not just churning out the copy. As you can see, he is staring very closely at his pentacle. He is not only admiring and appreciating all that it has to offer, but he is also inspecting it, this page is known to go over all of the details and make sure that no stone has been left unturned before he moves on. As a card of advice, it could be advising you to check all of your systems, and make sure everything is in place before you proceed further. Do you have a checklist with all of your details? This page will ask you to go over it with a fine toothed comb and be certain that all of your "I"'s are dotted and "T"'s are crossed.
As a person, he is grounded, patient, helpful, loyal, steadfast, and friendly. Of course it can represent a child of the Earth signs, or someone, youth or adult, who is expressing these as-yet undeveloped qualities. Taurus' are learning how to build a solid foundation, Virgo is working to understand that everything doesn't have to be perfect, and it's ok to just be. Sometimes "done" is better than "perfect". Capricorns are learning that it's ok, even healthy, to not work so hard. Everyone needs downtime. What makes a Pentacle dependable also can make them rigid and in the page we must learn to be flexible.
As a messenger, this will relate to all things physical, and is not typically unpleasant. It could be concerning money, property, possessions, investments or any other financial concern. The Pentacles are also about our physical body, so you may get a clean bill of health or simply a reminder to schedule your annual checkup. The Suit of Pentacles also represent our values and esteem on a grand scale, so this could also be a message reminding you to make choices and decisions that stay in alignment of your personal integrity, values and goals.

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Page of Pentacles Reversed

Image of The Page of Pentacles card reversedIf the upright Page of Pentacles is the proverbial good student, then the reverse is the student who is having great difficulty staying on track. It could be that your subject matter does not appeal to you. What you may have found interesting at one time, you do not anymore, and you are simply going though the motions. You could have under-developed study habits. It could be that you are becoming somewhat lazy and not putting any time or attention into your studies, or your work. You are having difficulty focusing, working hard, or applying yourself. You may have dropped out of classes, or it's possible that you have turned away from your program of study altogether.
This page holds his pentacle up like the most coveted prize in the land, he gives it great care and attention. The reverse has the meaning of dropping-the-ball, meaning that it's not important enough for you to keep your eye-on-the-prize, therefore you forget about details or lose track of important dates or deadlines. As an Earth element, you could be handling an excess expression of the suit that you are not mature enough yet to handle in this situation, you could be rigid, exacting, demanding, a perfectionist, stubborn or critical.
If this card is bringing a message, it's likely one that is self- defeating. You get news that you did not get the job, your loan was denied, you did not get accepted to the program of study you wanted, you missed important details on a report that is going to cause a delay, ect ect. With the Page of Pentacles, the news is generally not heart wrenching as it can be in other suits, but many times the undesirable message is due to a lack of proper planning or attention on our own part previously.

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