Book Your Readings
What Happens Once You Have Booked Your Tarot Reading?

You will receive confirmation of your reading and information about what to expect next. Please allow 48 hours for this, during business hours of 8am-4pm, Monday- Friday EST. All readings include:
~Customized Tarot Spreads
~Oracle Message
~Photograph of Tarot Spreads
~PDF document of reading
~Delivery via email
*All reading sales are final. Refunds will only be offered if a satisfactory question cannot be derived. There are no refunds for readings already performed.
*You are welcome to ask clarification questions about your reading and the cards that have been drawn for you, however I do not pull additional cards.
*Disclosures: I do not give readings on subjects that require licensing; therefore, I do not give medical, legal or financial advice, nor do I read about a third party, such as their thoughts, feelings or actions.
*Tarot is an incredibly valuable tool to show you the path you are on, and how to create new ones, however, Free Will and responsibility for your actions, as always, remain with you.

Tips for a Good Reading

Good readings, begin with a good question. Below are a few tips to help you start out with the right foundation for your reading:

Have a reasonable time frame in mind. The future is not static, and your current trajectory of events can change as you make different decisions. I recommend sticking to a shorter time frame of a few weeks to months for most questions. For this reason, I rarely interpret questions of timing. The future is too fluid.

The clearer and more specific your question, the clearer and more specific your answer. Simple as that. You wouldn't go the doctor and answer the question of "What seems to be the problem today?" with "You're the doctor, you tell me", would you?

Yes/No questions can be limiting. For your own benefit, I recommend asking an open-ended question. For example, "Tell me what I need to know about _____". "What are the circumstances surrounding ____".