Personal Reading

Crystal Clear Advice Here

Sometimes you just need help figuring out what to do and would like some quick and clear guidance from the tarot

  • This is an advice reading aimed to support your decision making process, rather than a predictive reading
  • Working together with my favorite quartz crystal gemstone ally, I’ll pull a card for you and deliver your crystal clear guidance based on the message I receive for you

Personal Reading

Know Thyself: Who Are You REALLY?

…and exactly WHAT are you doing… RIGHT NOW?

What Tarot cards and numbers make up the basis of WHO YOU ARE? More importantly, which cards and lunar signatures are influencing who you are, and what you’re doing (or what you SHOULD be), RIGHT NOW??

Feeling resistance around something is often a sign that it’s misaligned. It might not be the wrong thing- it just might be the wrong TIME. Find out what IS in your current “timezone”- so you can make quantum leaps in your life operating in FLOW state by focusing on the right things, at the right time.

4 Week Course

Master The Court

The Ultimate Playbook to take your Court Card game from Page to King, without the confusion, frustration or dreaded memorization, even if you've tried before, so you can confidently identify and interpret them in ANY reading with clarity, accuracy and ease.

  • Work through EACH CARD one by one for a complete, thorough and utterly Unique Profile on each and every court member, so you can easily differentiate between all 16 personalities.
  • Learn the differences in court cards representing people or situations, including the differences between reading for yourself, or for complete strangers.
  • Learn the history of the court cards as well as personalizing them to your own life so you can recognize them as the people and situations here in modern times.
  • Follow a step-by-step plan that allows you to build long-term associations and personal meanings for yourself rather than rely on rote memory.
  • Follow the examples, worksheets and hands-on activities to associate and integrate your understanding of each card and the people and situations they represent.