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Seven of Cups


Image of The Seven of Cups cardThe Seven of Cups is a card of fantasy. This can be good, or this can be bad. Typically this is not seen as a very positive card, due to the nature of the situation this card usually presents itself under. This card can indicate that you have many choices, and they can all be very appealing. This itself is not usually such a bad thing, the problem, is that often, we get stuck in indecision. We have so many choices that it's hard to choose, or hard to know which is the BEST to choose? And what if we choose wrong? What if one path is better than the other, what if one option will benefit us better than the other in some way, yet we have no idea how, so we spend a lot of time going over it all in our head. This can be a card of waffling in that respect. All possibilities remain open to us, until we choose one.
However, if you never choose anything and put it into action, they remain nothing more than 'castles in the sky'. You have so many choices that do indeed each have value, making it hard to choose what we believe will be the 'best' one. So we don't choose at all. We continue to kick the can down the road while we mull over all the possible ways our scenario could play out depending on the path we will go down based on each individual option. Sound overwhelming? It is!
Another thing to consider is that these aren't all real, viable choices. First of all the Seven of Cups can be a card of illusion, so there may be some things that you think are being offered, some choices that you believe are viable, which simply aren't. It is important that you look at each choice with a keen eye, and discern the difference. Is what you are being offered, what you think it is? Secondly, you may be seeing things how you want to see them, and not how they actually are. In addition to things not being what they appear, you must ask yourself if you are making more of them, then they are. Sometimes, when we want something bad enough, we see things that others don't, think something is viable, mainly out of wishful thinking, when it really honestly isn't.
Additionally, many of these Cups may be offering tempting things, but are they really what you came looking for to begin with, or do you have 'Mermaid with a shiny bauble syndrome'? This is when you get distracted by so many other things that, while you may need or want them, do not actually serve the specific goal you are attempting to address. Many of these cups have worthwhile pursuits, however it is very important for you to try to keep a clear and focused mind, carefully consider your needs, and select the choice that you truly believe best meets your criteria at the current moment.
One piece of information I have heard that has always stayed with me, is that you can only make the best decision that you can, with the information you have at the time. So when this card shows up, ask yourself what choice you need to make? Where are you overlooking details that really do matter because you don't want to accept them? Where are you procrastinating because you aren't sure what choice to make? What other choices are taking you away from your original goal?
That leads me to another life quote. Action trumps Fear. You must get the ball rolling and just do something. Choices have a way of re-presenting themselves along the way for us to make minor adjustments as necessary. The Universe has your highest good in mind, so take a load off and trust yourself to make the right decision. More importantly, trust yourself to handle whatever comes up along the way after you decide, and know that you can always make changes later if necessary. The important thing now, is simply to make the choice.
This is also a card of escapism and daydreaming in addition to just wishful thinking. It's ok to have your head in the clouds for a little while, just be sure to come back to reality as necessary. It's great to take the time to really imagine what it is you want, as long as you then make the solid plans and do the work of moving forward with them in reality as well. This card is associated with Neptune, so we have the opportunity to be the beautiful dreamer, the problem is that too many get caught up in illusions and beautiful ideals that we could just spend an endless amount of time in, daydreaming about all of the wonderful possibilities, endlessly.
This card, like Neptune, represents escapism, so when you see this card, be very careful of indulging in alcohol or other things that alter the mind. All things in moderation. If you find that endless amounts of time are slipping away from you without you even realizing it, or wondering where it went, it may be a sign that it's time for a closer self-examination of both your ideals, and practices. This card does have an element of deception and temptation associated with it as well, another reason to be careful and choose wisely.
The sevens are also about spirituality, and in the Seven of Cups, we see the need to look within ourselves to develop our own sense of spirituality. Each of the first six cups with items in them represents some form of material wealth or power, however the seventh cup, the one with the shrouded figure is the one you seek, as it represents enlightenment. It represents that place within yourself that you do not know, the place that you have not yet visited, that's why it is shrouded in mystery. It is your job to look deep within yourself. After assessing all of the other cups and their belongings, what you are looking for may only be found within the final cup, within yourself. On a spiritual level, this is about knowing your true self, and realizing that what you are looking for isn't always found "out there", but "in here". This can be a time of withdrawal. Take time for yourself, to consider what it is you truly need.

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Seven of Cups Reversed

Image of The Seven of Cups card reversedThe Seven of Cups Reversed can manifest itself in one of two ways. In the one extreme, its possible that illusion has become delusion. What began as a couple of choices has now turned into complete overwhelm. You aren't just having a hard time making a decision, you are almost paralyzed to make a decision. It's possible you are completely deluded by your situation and are not seeing it clearly at all.
You could be so enamored by fantasies that they are consuming you, and you are no longer functioning properly in your day to day activities. You are refusing to see a situation for what it is, no longer as a simple protective measure, but as a complete detriment to you at this point.
You could also be refusing to look within yourself. Again as the sevens represent spirituality, the Seven of Cups is representative of the need to look within to find answers. When the seven is reversed, it could mean that you are either refusing to take a good look at yourself, or you are too busy running around to hear the call. Take a moment and listen to the guidance from your soul.
This can be a warning that you are going overboard with the mind altering substances that Neptune loves, such as alcohol or other substances. Keep in mind that in the early stages of love, our brains release a substance that mirror the effects of a drug that's why we say in those first blissful weeks or months that we are under the "love drug". Be sure that in your close relationships you are being true to yourself and your own needs.
The good news, is that more often than not, this card represents a turning away from these traits. When this card comes up reversed, many times it indicates that you have made a decision, or you are ready to. You were stumbling along, but you have found your footing. You are able to see your options a little more clearly now, the blinders are off, and you are able to make the right choice and start moving forward with action in your day to day activities. You are coming out of the fog of illusion.

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