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Six of Cups


Image of The Six of Cups cardOh, sweet memories. This is a card of peace after the sorrow and pain of the Five. This card is frequently reminiscent of happier times. Nostalgia is often indicated by this card. Sixes indicate peace, beauty, happiness, and balance. In this card, we see one figure offering flowers to another. How lovely.
When this card appears in a reading, kindness and good feelings are in store. Many times it indicates good feelings and happy memories from your past. It could be that an old friend stops by for a visit, or an old love calls out of the blue. You may choose to go back and visit your childhood home or town, or attend a class reunion. Given the choice between several options, choose the one that reminds you of happy memories from earlier times, or favors partnership.
This is the "soulmate" card, with its ties to the past. When this card turns up in a relationship reading, it could indicate that this is a person you have had a relationship with in a previous lifetime. However not all relationships are intimate, the person in question now, may have been a friend, a brother, or even a boss in a previous lifetime, however there is still karma to be worked out with them in this lifetime, and the next, until the lesson is finally learned, for one, or possibly even both of you.
A soulmate, is anyone whom your soul was "mates" with, in a previous lifetime, and you have incarnated together with in this one, we all have many soulmates. A relationship that is currently represented by the Six of Cups, is one that is currently enjoying good times of happiness, and a feeling of one partner being protected by the other, or you may have something to learn from the other. This is a time of contentment, stability and predictability. However, a relationship cannot stay in this phase forever, as there will be no growth.
This card has strong ties to the past in almost any type of reading. Relating to work, it could be that you need to revisit previous ideas or opportunities that were either not available to you previously, or were not a good fit for your situation at that time. Things change over time. It could be that you receive royalties, commissions or rewards for work that you did some time ago, so revisit some of your previous work, especially if it's creative-based.
It also indicates a career where you are either teaching, or providing care of some sort to those less able, or working with children in some capacity. Naturally old-fashioned childhood toys that evoke a sense of whimsy and nostalgia for earlier and more innocent times are worth something now. As a number six, this card represents a balance between giving and receiving. It could also indicate giving or receiving a gift to or from another person for no other reason than the enjoyment of such.
This card can also indicate children, children's issues, or memories and feelings evoked from your own childhood as well. As a card of advice, it is advising you to look for the simple way, the way of the child or the novice. The two figures in this card also represent a feeling of safety that we felt in childhood, the feeling of being protected by those bigger than us at home. Notice the scene takes place in the yard of the castle that we saw in the Five in the distance, you have reached a place of safety and stability. Notice the guard walking up the path on the left hand side of the card, making his rounds, a show of protection. This card can invoke the idea of a teacher, mentor or protector. Feelings of safety and protection are invoked with this card, and these are the roles that you and your partner may be playing in your relationship.

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Six of Cups Reversed

Image of The Six of Cups card reversedDisturbing memories, being stuck in the past, clinging to the past, or denying and repressing past memories. You my be clinging unsuccessfully to the past. If you are stuck in the past, you are unable to successfully move forward in your life. There are several ways this can manifest. You may be unable to move on, after the loss of a relationship, for example, you need to return to the upright five, feel the grief and sadness, and learn to move into acceptance and move on.
You could still be living in your childhood home, decorated the way your parents left it, like a shrine to them. But you are just stuck living out your childhood memories, as an adult. You could be future oriented, but ignoring helpful information based on past experiences.
In some cases, the reversed six indicates that you are like a child, leaving the perceived safety of the parents, to take your first steps on your own. Yes, it is frightening to leave the stability and predictability that once made you feel safe, but this is the only way to grow. Your safety net, now begins to feel more like a cage, keeping you penned in. You change and reach forward, because you recognize the feelings of stagnation that can set in when we become stuck in the past for too long, failing to move forward. While the upright six represents happy times, it is true also, that too much of a good thing can get old. We all must leave the cocoon of safety at some point.
Lastly, this can be a card of healing childhood wounds. You may need to utilize hypnosis to access past memories that are disturbing you that you have repressed. If the feelings seem incredibly real but you are unable to access them, you may wish to consider past life regression therapy. Maybe you will travel back to your childhood home or other place of trauma to acknowledge and release these memories. It can indicate a time when you are finally ready to let go and move forward.

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