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Six of Wands


Image of The Six of Wands cardThe keyword for this card is Victory. The previous struggle has been surmounted and you have or will, come out the other side feeling victorious. This card counsels "yes" for questions as to whether or not to move forward on something. Good results however do not create themselves, and in this card, it is through our focused will that we manifest our goals. As always, Wands are about energy, so in this instance, you need to know how to harness that energy for your purpose and channel it properly. With belief in yourself, you can manifest the outcome you desire by your positive mindset and sheer force of will.
This card promotes a "Can Do" attitude. Sixes bring balance and harmony, and this card is indicating that after the upheaval of the five, things have come to rest in a good position. You have the support of others around you at this time as well. You exude the right mindset to get what it is you desire, as well as that of a leader, and many people will follow you where you lead them, because everyone wants to follow a winner. At this time, people share a common direction of their goals.

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Six of Wands Reversed

Image of The Six of Wands card reversedWhen the Six of Wands Reversed shows up, it can show a lack of success in one of its many forms. First of all, you may have achieved some success, however it is short lived and fleeting. You may have a fall from your short lived victory because of your own actions. Sixes represent balance, the give AND the take. Treating your followers with respect and dignity is vital to your success. If they are treated negatively, you will have nothing less than an "angry mob".
On the other hand, the problem could be in the details or otherwise. Messages are not relayed properly, or you have secret enemies that are out to bring you down for their own gain. Additionally, it can be difficult to be a leader, you must always be both firm and an inspiration to those you lead, inciting a desire to trust and follow you. You must be effectual without being overbearing. You could also be afraid of leadership, maybe you are being offered a wonderful position but you have that "fear of success". The fear that many eyes will be upon you waiting for you to slip up, the fear that you will have so many additional responsibilities, the fear that you will no longer have any time left for yourself, or any privacy.
Lastly, the Six of Wands Reversed can indicate not reaching your goal and being victorious because you gave up too soon. Believe that right when things are the most challenging and you are ready to throw in the towel, that is the time that you are on the verge of a major breakthrough. It is said that in the journey of 10,000 miles, the most difficult, yet most important step, is the first step. Don't give up just yet.

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