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Image of The Strength cardThe Strength card is ruled by Leo, much like the lion depicted on the card. The card also features a woman, who is controlling the deadly beast. Yet upon closer inspection, we see that she is not using physical strength or force. She emanates an internal strength, one to be respected and submitted to, as the lion appears to be content to do.
This may be a time that will test the reserves of your strength. Just know that you have the ability to meet anything that comes your way. This is a card of inner strength, where you must draw deep from within, and know that you are truly strong enough inside to withstand what life may throw at you, without having to resort to outward displays of power or authority. It resonates from within you. It is said that you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar, and in this instance, that is true. You don't need to strong-arm someone with your approach.
You have everything you need within you to easily and gently bring someone around to your way of thinking, or getting what it is that you need when you take the same approach that the woman in the Strength card takes with the lion, using love, kindness and compassion. By showing the lion some much appreciated love, he is all too happy to return the same easy-going demeanor and behavior to her as well. There are no power struggles here. The woman is clearly in charge, and both she, and the animal know it. This card was once called Lust, and in some cases, may have to do with taming our animal instincts or urges. We need to reconcile and balance the different parts of ourselves, including the spiritual as well.
This card asks us to follow our instincts. Sometimes we are put into positions that test our mental strength but they also make us stronger. Stay focused on what is truly important to you and stand firm in your beliefs and actions. Have confidence that you have the ability to bring about positive results, not by force but by patience and perseverance.

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Strength Reversed

Image of The Strength card reversedYou are a facing a real test of your reserves. You may feel you are not at the top of your game, and be feeling insecure. In fact, self-doubt could be creeping in. Don't let it, you are stronger than you believe right now. This is a test. This is ONLY a test. The weakness you feel is in your mind, and you can change that. The Law of Abundance says that what you think about you bring about! Keep your wits about yourself and your head in the game and you will pass. A positive attitude begets positive results. Don't give in to self-sabotage, reconnect with your inner strength.
Sometimes we are put into positions that not only test our mental strength but make us stronger. This is one of those times. You feel like you are losing your personal power, and possibly control of the situation.  Think back to the Charioteer.  What qualities about him, his ability to bring opposites together, his ability to focus, his ability to take decisive action, do you need to bring to the situation? Stay focused on what is truly important to you and stand firm in your beliefs and actions. Don't let anyone scare you down!

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