Tarot for the Modern Reader

Tarot for the Modern Reader

The Suit of Pentacles

Image of The Ace of Pentacles cardThe Suit of Pentacles corresponds to the element of Earth. This is the designation given to it by the Order of the Golden Dawn. It is associated with all things physical, material, financial and tangible. Because we live in physical bodies, it can also relate to health. When Pentacles appear, they are typically about our resources. They represent the things we physically have, including money itself, property and possessions.
As a matter of timing, the Pentacles cards represent many months to a year or more. So we are talking a long time. This suit represents the slowest energy in the deck, which makes sense, if you think about the weight of Earth energy. Unlike fire that burns fast, and water that flows freely, earth is solid, and physical and as such, takes a while to move. The Suit of Pentacles corresponds then naturally to the cold season of winter, and this reminds me of molasses, the colder it is, the slower it moves. It is associated with the Earth signs, and as the fourth suit, corresponds nicely with the fourth and final Cardinal sign, Capricorn, where we have the Winter Solstice. Other Earth signs associated with this suit are Taurus and Virgo.
Characteristics for the Suit of Pentacles include security, stability, possessions, health, material goods, hard work, perseverance and tangible rewards. On the negative side this suit can show materialism, greed, selfishness, illness, lack of effort, laziness and lost possessions or property.
In a deck of playing cards, the Suit of Pentacles corresponds beautifully with the luxurious suit of Diamonds. In other Tarot decks, you may see this suit under the name of Coins, Disks, or Deniers. The Tarot has been around for a very long time, and over the years the name has been adapted by different Tarot scholars; however these are the ones you will most commonly see. This does not change the meaning of the cards by any means.  As it relates to people, the Pentacles Court Cards are usually used to depict those who have their Sun in the Earth signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.
Major Arcana cards that correlate to the Suit of Pentacles are as follows: The Empress, The Hierophant, The Hermit, The Devil and The World. In each of these cards you will find the Earth elements present.

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    Image of The Ace of Pentacles card

    Ace of Pentacles

    Keywords: Financial or business opportunity, windfall luck, resources available, creating systems

    Reverse Keywords: Dropping the ball, missed or lost opportunity, lack of systems, financial difficulty

    Image of The Two of Pentacles card

    Two of Pentacles

    Keywords: Juggling, balance, time management, prioritizing, decisions, money coming and going

    Reverse Keywords: Red tape, mismanaged time or money, lack of prioritizing well, can't keep up

    Image of The Three of Pentacles card

    Three of Pentacles

    Keywords: Collaboration, teamwork, attention to details, meaningful work, structured creativity

    Reverse Keywords: Lack of teamwork, sloppy or unfulfilling work, criticism of work, no input taken

    Image of The Four of Pentacles card

    Four of Pentacles

    Keywords: Conservation, restriction, control and security, protecting resources, stability

    Reverse Keywords: Greed, miserly, lack of stability, hoarding, losing money or resources

    Image of The Five of Pentacles card

    Five of Pentacles

    Keywords: Hopelessness, destitute, poverty, loss, material trouble, hardship, isolation

    Reverse Keywords: Financial upswing, recovering from difficulty, finding help or sanctuary

    Image of The Six of Pentacles card

    Six of Pentacles

    Keywords: Unequal partnerships, generosity, giving and receiving, balance, stability, dominance

    Reverse Keywords: Financial instability, unpaid/denied loan or debt, get rich quick scheme, dominance

    Image of The Seven of Pentacles card

    Seven of Pentacles

    Keywords: Contemplation, hard work beginning to payoff, pruning, pressing on, refining plans

    Reverse Keywords: Letting go, moving on too quickly, no long-range vision, little yield for work

    Image of The Eight of Pentacles card

    Eight of Pentacles

    Keywords: Prudence, repetition, apprentice work, specialist, commitment, vocational work

    Reverse Keywords: Unfulfilling work, dead-end job, lack of skills necessary, career change

    Image of The Nine of Pentacles card

    Nine of Pentacles

    Keywords: Abundance, luxury, affluence, independence, discipline, fruition, prosperity, solidarity

    Reverse Keywords: Lack of discipline, goals not met, desire for freedom, feeling trapped, overwork

    Image of The Ten of Pentacles card

    Ten of Pentacles

    Keywords: Legacy, inheritance, family name, values and traditions, wealth, prosperity, property

    Reverse Keywords: Financial loss, poor investments, lost property, rejecting traditions, gambling

    Image of The Page of Pentacles card

    Page of Pentacles

    Keywords: Financial news, student, learning, study, earth sign children, starting something new

    Reverse Keywords: Lack of focus, difficulty with studies, difficulty with children, undesirable news

    Image of The Knight of Pentacles card

    Knight of Pentacles

    Keywords: Dependable, practical, fastidious, reliable, hard worker, slow moving, detailed

    Reverse Keywords: Stubborn, stuck-in-the-mud, no movement, laziness, boring, stagnation

    Image of The Queen of Pentacles card

    Queen of Pentacles

    Keywords: Motherly, caretaker, gardener, practical, provider, nurturing, cook, warm home

    Reverse Keywords: Messy home, disorganized, lack of care given, does not cook or provide well

    Image of The King of Pentacles card

    King of Pentacles

    Keywords: Excellent provider, affluent, benevolent, generous, abundance, financial stability

    Reverse Keywords: Greedy, financially controlling, miserly, corrupt/failing in business, poor provider