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Tarot Birth Cards and Personal Year Cards

Tarot Birth Cards and Personal Year CardsWhat are Tarot birth cards? Tarot birth cards are the cards that correspond to your birth date. They utilize your birthdate the same way numerology does to help you understand the unique patterns and blueprint of your life. With Tarot, we take that one step further, and relate your number to its corresponding Major Arcana cards. This matters for all of us, because our card or cards, are a major clue about how we approach life, problem solve the issues that our tarot readings uncover, and teach us about the major lessons we are here to learn in this lifetime.
Do you know your birth cards? In today's blog post, we are going to cover what the different types of numbers in your birthdate indicate and how to calculate your own! This blog post is just scratching the surface of what numerology and tarot birth cards can do. We're going to focus exclusively on the constellation of cards that corresponds to the date of your birth. However, there are also cards that correspond to your given name as well. That is for another post!
Personal Year Cards
We're also going to cover your personal year cards. Just like tarot birth cards, the cards that are special and significant to us for the day, month and year we are born, we also have a yearly tarot card. This card changes each year and operates like a birth card on a smaller scale. This card highlights the major lessons we are to learn that year, and in corresponding fashion, will highlight the types of events and energies we are likely to encounter that year.
These are topics that are definitely worth exploring! Knowing this information about yourself will help you explore yourself and your approach to the world around you in greater depth. Knowing the birthdate of your client, if you read for others, will help you understand them at a fundamental level, how they approach problems, and what type of year they are in. All of this is a treasure trove of information that will help you deliver an even more powerful reading to those that come to you for guidance.
What are the Tarot Birth Cards
The most significant card is your Soul Purpose Card. This is the card, numbered between 1 and 9, that defines the soul purpose your soul came here to fulfill in this lifetime. The lessons inherent in this card are critical to your time on this earth plane. This is calculated by adding up the digits in your birthday. You'll reduce them down by adding them together until you get to the single digit.
There are several ways to do this, however for the purpose of obtaining other birth card numbers, we want to add them in a way that leads to the largest number possible and then reduce from there. The reason for this is because it is important, before reducing to a number 1-9, to see if our largest number is either already between 10-22 or first reduces to something between 10-22 before reducing again to a single digit.
If we do indeed get a number between 10-22 or first reduce to a number between 10-22, that number is called our Personality card and is indicative of our personality itself. It contains traits and behaviors that we learn and express in our childhood. We don't all have a separate personality number. For those whose number that is larger than 22 and reduces immediately to a single digit number, then the personality and soul number are the same. It can be said that you are very focused in this lifetime on your soul's mission.
Additional Tarot Birth Cards
For some of us, there is a Shadow card. This is a card that is associated with your soul and personality numbers as well. These cards shows the things that are hidden from us, by ourselves, in our psyches, our shadows. These are our greatest teachers. In our early years, they may be difficult for us, but as we get older and we learn to work with and integrate our shadows, they can become valuable lessons.
Lastly, we have our cards that show lessons and opportunities. Unlike the cards above which are all Major Arcana cards, these are the Minor Arcana that are associated with our birth cards. For example, if your Soul Purpose card is the Hermit (number 9), then each of the 9's in the Minor Arcana are your most prominent lessons and opportunities in this lifetime. Ready to find out what yours are?
Tarot Constellations
Tarot Constellations is a term that relates to each group of tarot birth cards. These tarot birth cards are grouped according to Numerology. This work was first pioneered by the amazing Angeles Arrien and later taught and studied extensively by Mary K. Greer. Mary has written several books on the subject, including the now OOP Tarot Constellations book, and more
recently, Who are you in the Tarot, which I HIGHLY recommend for anyone wanting to go further and deeper with the material I'm sharing here. This is just the tip of the iceberg, there is such a wealth of knowledge to be discovered on this subject! These books will satisfy even the most curious of seekers.
A constellation consists of the Major Arcana that reduce down to the same single digit, as well as their coordinating Minor Arcana cards. So for example, card 14, Temperance reduces to the number 5 when we add 1 + 4 together, The Hierophant. The 5 cards in the Minor Arcana then also belong to this constellation. Some constellations have 3 Major Arcana such as the Empress (3), The Hanged Man (12) and The World (21) because they all reduce down to the number 3. The 3's in the Minor Arcana also belong to this constellation. Constellations that reduce down to Majors 1-4 have 3 Major Arcana cards in their Constellations.
Finding your Soul Purpose Card is step 1. Once you do this, you'll know what Tarot Constellation you belong to and can begin the process of discovering your true nature. From here we can look at the other Major Arcana cards in your constellation and determine which ones, if any are your personality cards and/or your shadow cards. There are several different combinations possible depending on your constellation and exact birth date.
How to Calculate your Tarot Birth Cards
The first step to calculate your birth cards is to set it up like an old school addition problem. I'll use myself as an example, my birthdate is 7/14/1977. So I add it like this:
1 + 9 + 9 + 8 = 27
This number is bigger than 22 so I add again, 2 + 7= 9.
My Soul Card is number 9, The Hermit. I do not have a Personality card because I went from a number over 22 straight to a single digit. Now that I know my Soul Card, I also know my Constellation. The other cards in this constellation are The Moon (18) because 1+8 =9 and each of the 9's in the Minor Arcana.
Determining Your Shadow Cards
How do you figure out which cards are your Shadow cards? This, along with the Personality card, are the other Major Cards in your constellation. The shadow card is any Major card in your constellation that does NOT appear in your calculations. In the above example, I do not have a Personality number since I went from 27 to a single digit, therefore the other Major Arcana card in my constellation, The Moon, is my shadow card.
If you have one of the constellations between 1 and 4 where there are 3 Major Arcana in each constellation, you could have a Soul Card, a Personality Card and a Shadow Card. If you go from a number over 22 to a single digit, you could have a Soul Card and 2 Shadow Cards.
If you are in the Constellations between 5-9 where there are only TWO major Arcana, then it is possible to have a Soul Card and a Shadow Card with no Personality Card like me, you have your Soul Card and your Shadow Card.
Or in the same constellations of 5-9 you may have a Soul Card and Personality Card, in which case there is no Shadow (lucky you)! Mary calls these the Nighttime Cards, as Temperance begins at sunset and the remaining cards all occur before the rise of The Sun. These cards have shadow qualities intrinsically built into them already to work with.
Other Factors of Your Tarot Birth Cards
A quick word on the Minors...these cards bring your lessons and opportunities throughout your lifetime. These cards will also be the energies that you most often see in your life that are helping you integrate the lessons of your Soul, Personality or Shadow cards.
They are also the cards that offer the most opportunities to you, including the opportunities that arise to help you meet the challenges and lessons that your Major Arcana tarot birth cards offer. When these cards arise in a reading for yourself, they should be considered more significant to you. You may resonate or identify with these cards more deeply as well.
Your personal Tarot year cards, are calculated in the same way as your Soul Card, however instead of the year you were born, use the current year with your month and day of birth. This will describe the theme of the year you are in. Some people do this from January to January, others from birthday to birthday. Some people, including myself, use both.
My birthday is in July. For the first half of the year, I still feel the previous years energy as I witness the new cards energy showing up in my external world. By my birthday I am beginning to integrate it into my life and it's the only energy I carry until the end of the year. Then the cycle repeats. You may also notice significant life events match the corresponding personal year it occurs in, and events significant to your soul purpose occur in your Soul Card years.
Tarot Birth Cards Wrap Up
There is such a vast amount of self-discovery available to us when we study our Tarot birth cards and their corresponding constellations. Join us in our facebook group Tarot for the Modern Reader where I'll be sharing a spread you can use to help you begin to work with these cards. Take these 6-7 cards out of your deck and play around with them, noticing their similarities and differences. How do they resonate with you?
You can go further on this topic by also delving into your Tarot cards based on your given name as well. If you'd like an in-depth analysis of each of the Constellations or how to calculate the name cards as well, I'd highly recommend Mary's book, Who are You in the Tarot? It's an in-depth helpful book for discovering your true nature. Join us in the group to calculate YOUR cards and connect with others with whom you share a constellation!
If you'd like a personal analysis done just for you, you can order a Younique Tarot Profile. This big report will cover all of the cards listed above, as well as the cards associated with your name for your personal profile. It will also cover the last several years energies as well as the year cards you have coming up in the next several years as well. This report with all cover the cards associated with your astrological signs as well, and you'll often notice overlap and symmetry between them as well, all adding up to describe the unique person you are, and what you came here to learn in this lifetime! I hope you enjoyed learning about Tarot birth cards, join us in the group to discuss yours!
Join us in our Facebook group Tarot for the Modern Reader right now!

I'm Liza, professional Tarot reader, writer and mentor, and this is Tarot Liza. Everyday we're working to bring our mission of delivering more value and Tarot education to the Modern Reader to life! Welcome! Read more...

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