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Ten of Pentacles


Image of The Ten of Pentacles cardIn the Ten of Pentacles, we have reached the culmination of the Suit of Pentacles.  Here we see an elderly gentleman sitting outside; he is dressed in an ornate stately robe covered with grapes, symbolizing abundance.  He is watching a happy couple, and a young child who pets one of the two dogs, while the elderly man pets the other. The symbolism is that of family legacy, a wise old man who is now retired watches over his grown children, as well as the next generation, his grandchildren.  The dogs connote loyalty and family bonding. The large family estate sprawls in the background. If you look closely at the card, you will notice that the 10 Pentacles are also arranged in the formation of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. You have attained the highest level of accomplishment within the suit.
On the stately wall there appears to be a family crest, furthering the idea that this is "old money", this is a long-standing and established wealthy family, security is highly emphasized.  However, in many texts, it is usually noted that no one really looks at each other or interacts with each other very much if at all.  Again, emotional relationships are not emphasized here, it is as if to make the point that some things have been sacrificed for the material security and comfort found in this card.  That is not to say that anyone is unhappy, it is a reflection of priorities.
The ten of pentacles can be a card of great financial security.  It assures that all of your hard work has, or will, pay off.  You have made a lot of sacrifices and stayed the course and now you are truly reaping the rewards in terms of long-term financial stability.  In everyday terms it could signify that your loan was approved, your salary was increased, or some other financial reward is coming through for you. It could be that you cash in on a great treasure you find at an estate sale!
This card is also about homes, real estate and property in particular, so it could be that your mortgage application was approved, the bid on the home you made was accepted, you found a buyer for the property you are selling, you secured the land you are looking for, your appraisal on your home came back very favorable or simply that you found a new apartment to rent.
This card is also an indication of retirement.  The man in the foreground has reached a point that he is ready to "hand over the reins". He has worked very hard for a long time and has earned all of the financial rewards we see in this card.  He is ready to relax and enjoy the fruits of his labors. He now wants to ensure the long-term health and financial stability of his family, and you too could be concerned with making sure your loved ones are taken care of and provided for.  This could indicate leaving or receiving an inheritance, or executing a will.
If you have approached the Tarot with a question on financial matters, this card is advising you to consider any option that provides slow and steady long-term growth and stability.  For example, you would not be advised to buy up and coming fast rising, risky stocks; you would be advised to invest in well-known, long term, slow and steady growing stocks or bonds that have a solid history of slow upward growth, or that take a long time to mature.
This card is all about family legacy.  This isn't so much about the family relationships as it is about the family name, values, and family traditions.  This is about passing down traditions from generation to generation, carrying on a namesake, or getting to know your elders.  You may spend time listening to family stories from long ago told by your grandparents, attending a family reunion, making recipes at holiday occasions that have been passed down through the family for generations, or even researching your family genealogy, or as this card depicts, your family "tree". This card has even shown up in questions of a pregnancy, indicating the need for further genetic testing.
As a card of advice, this card favors making decisions that favor the long-term health and benefits of the family as a whole, over personal gains.  You should make choices that build stability and wealth, and consider long terms benefits over short term gains.  You are advised to make decisions that include all members of your family, both the elders and the young, as well as immediate family and distant relatives alike. This card is all about legacies and traditions and what you can leave to the next generation, so consider what you have to offer younger generations, whether it is passing on family heirlooms, mentoring in some way, or simply showing up for your niece's next ballet recital.

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Ten of Pentacles Reversed

Image of The Ten of Pentacles card reversedThe Ten of Pentacles reversed brings difficulties on a financial level.  This card indicates the culmination of the suit, so at this point, you need to take a step back and reassess your plans.  Any kind of financial, material or physical loss is indicated here.  You could be losing money through poor investments; you could have lost your job and therefore your lack of income, which would certainly threaten your financial stability. If you are employed and this card comes up in a career reading, the company could be downsizing, or your job security could be in jeopardy. You could take a major hit to your savings or wipe it out completely.
Lack of financial stability is a major concern when this card appears reversed.  You do not have what is needed to provide adequately for yourself and those around you that you provide for. You could find yourself turning away from commitments, deciding that you no longer want to be responsible for the entire family and searching for personal freedom instead. You could simply be deciding that you are willing to give up security for adventure.
This card reversed also indicates taking financial risks, or speculative gambling. You could waste money frivolously or be denied an inheritance. An antique item you thought held real value can turn out to be worth nothing.
You could find that you do not have enough to retire at this time, or that your retirement is not going to be enough to sustain you for the long term, therefore you need to continue to work for now and create more financial stability.
You may find that you are losing through real estate, such as your home being foreclosed on, sold at a tax or sheriff sale, or being lost in a divorce settlement.  It could be that your property assessment came back much lower than you had hoped or anticipated, that your mortgage was not approved, your buyer fell through, you could be being evicted from your current residence, or find that you simply cannot find a suitable place to live. If you are questioning whether a property is the right one for you, or whether or not this is a good time to move, the reversed ten of pentacles counsels "No".
In questions of family relationships or values, you are turning away from traditions.  You may have had a falling out with your family of origin and do not spend time with them or speak to them.  There could be a long standing family feud. There is no passing on of traditions or listening to the wisdom of your elders. You may have decided that you want to start new traditions of your own. This card can also indicate turning away family members who have caused you trouble, even though they are blood, in favor of your own personal security, or that of those you hold dear.
In matters of relationships, this card indicates a marriage that is not necessarily built on strong emotions but financial benefits and this could be an indication that in a divorce you are divesting joint assets.  It can also indicate that a couple that has stayed married a long time "for the children", for the sake of keeping up with family traditions and that is coming to an end.  If you are asking about a new partner, it could indicate that you are either not a very good match financially, or, as this is a card about long term commitments, you question whether or not this person is "marriage material". In regard to pregnancy, this card can highlight genetic issues.

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