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Ten of Wands


Image of The Ten of Wands cardThis is the card of hard work, or physical labor. You may have way too much to do. You have taken on a task (or two, or ten!) that seemed do-able, only to find that you have bitten off more than you can chew. You are extremely overburdened and are trying to carry a full load by yourself; you have over-committed yourself to too many projects, or simply have too much responsibility on your shoulders.
If you are now in a position that you feel you can't get out from under what you have taken on, you could feel trapped and resentful. This card can often show up when you are working a lot of hours and other areas of your life are taking a backseat.
Often times, this card can show a problem with delegation, meaning you don't think someone else can do the work as well as you can, so instead of delegating parts out to others, you try to do everything yourself. However the burnout you suffer from that can impact the quality of your work regardless.
Alternatively, you could be feeling good that you are coming into the home stretch, remember that Tens indicate not only completing, but the return to the beginning of the cycle. A student, who is completing a very difficult and challenging degree program, would expect to see this card in the final semester before graduation for example. There is no one else to shoulder the load, but the end is in sight, and the new beginning it will open up is welcome. You must look at yourself honestly and determine which category you fall into.

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Ten of Wands Reversed

Image of The Ten of Wands card reversedIn the Ten of Wands Reversed, you are putting down some of your Wands, or responsibilities that is, either by choice, or by force. You are so severely overburdened at this point that you cannot go on, either by your refusal to delegate, or by the sheer number of tasks or hours at work you have taken on.
You can take an assessment of everything that is on your plate currently and choose to lay down some of your Wands, or commitments and tasks that are not as important to you, so that you have more time and availability for the others that matter the most to you.
Alternatively, you can delegate some of these tasks or jobs to other people to lighten the load. You may need to consider how to use your time at work more efficiently so that you are able to reduce the number of hours you need to physically be there. If you do not choose to consciously make these choices, they will be made for you, and you will simply collapse under the strain of the pressures, either emotionally, mentally or physically, which may manifest itself in the way of health issues, exhaustion or even back problems. There is nothing wrong with walking away from an oppressive situation or letting others know it is time to step up and help.
As a Ten, you are working to create a new cycle of growth. Your continued actions at this point are not likely to produce positive results, and it is critical for you to be able to look at the situation clearly and recognize when it is time to let of something that is just not making any progress anymore.
The darker aspects of this card include people shirking responsibilities, passing them off to someone else unbeknownst to the other party, or leaving them stuck holding the bag per se. It is important that in all you do, you maintain your integrity; that you act in a manner that is honest and fair.

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