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The Chariot


Image of The Chariot cardAt this time, you are likely feeling success in some area of your life. You are feeling confident and victorious. It may not be that you have won at something specific, although that may be the case, it could point moreover to a general feeling of accomplishment.
Right now all systems are go, the wheels are turning and you are moving forward in the right direction. If there are obstacles to be surmounted, or opposing forces to reconcile, rest assured you will meet them with ease. You will be victorious over the competition, because you will know how to overcome the opposition. This is a time that the voice inside your head is urging you to press forward while you have the motivation and good momentum to keep going and be successful. This will require you to have drive and determination. Of course you must use focused intent and will-power to reach your goal, however you are the one in control, in the driver's seat, so if you really want it, then go for it, as this is a time that you CAN do it!
The Chariot requires us to use focused intent and will power, because we are often being called in many directions at once, each and every day. If you notice, the man in the Chariot must reconcile opposing forces, he has two sphinx, one black, one white, they each have their own idea of where to go, but it is up to the Charioteer to get them moving together in the same direction. Staying on track is no easy task! But when this card appears, it is a sign that you are doing just that, or you are being called to.
This card is ruled by Cancer, and like the Crab, he carries his "house" with him. Notice how well protected the Charioteer is, just like the Crab. The Sphinxes do not appear to be harnessed, and the cart is made of heavy stone, that rests directly on the ground, but look at the determined look on the Charioteers face, make no mistake, he is going places, and so are you. It is important that you recognize this card is telling you the wheels are turning, get on board.
Because this card represents mode of travel, particularly by land vehicles, this card could also see you traveling, particularly over land (road trip!), or you receive news regarding a car or travel plans in general. You may be doing an excessive amount of driving or buying a new vehicle.

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The Chariot Reversed

Image of The Chariot card reversedThe energy of this card reversed is mostly like spinning your wheels. You may feel as if you have very little control over events, which in turn may make you feel as if you've lost confidence in yourself and the projects you are entwined to. It may be a time to finally break some old outworn outdated habit(s). Be open to a new way of doing things so that your wheels stop spinning and spinning, as this can be so frustrating.
The energy is prompting you to give way to the spirit within you for your "Inner" Self is always prompting you to learn the true values of life. You may be asked to reconcile opposing forces in your world in order to make forward progress. This is generally not fun, but a necessary task for your own growth. Where did you give away your power? This goes back to choice. Did you have a decision to make that you waited too long to make; where the situation just played out and you have little control over it now?
You always have the ability to regroup and make changes. You can always choose to do something differently, right now, today. It's possible you are putting off a decision, and here is the manifestation of that. At this point, you likely have a choice of some sort to make, and when you are able to competently weigh your options and make a decision, it will lead you out of stagnation, and get your wheels out of the mud and rolling forward again.

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