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The Fool


Image of The Fool cardIn The Fool card, we see a carefree young man about to step off of a cliff. Even more interesting, he doesn't even seem to notice that it's there! The little white dog happily frolics along beside him, giving no warning of any impending danger, and he carries nothing more than a simple hobo pack. When you see this card, you are being asked to have trust in the Universe.
You are starting in a new direction and you must leave all of your worldly possessions behind you (symbolized by the pack) and have faith (symbolized by the dog). Things are approached with a sense of awe and wonder, a childish carefree spirit, one with no concerns, a naiveté, completely carefree. This is the essence of the Fool. He has an open mind, and unlimited potential.
This is a time of new beginnings for you. You are being advised that it is ok to take risks. You have entered a new phase of your life, or you are taking on a new task. It is time to set out on a new journey. Whatever you had previously been doing has finally come to a close and it is time for you to begin anew. This could be in any facet of your life.
Not only are you embarking on a new journey, but you are being asked to keep an open mind and a light heart. Don't be fearful. If you have something new that you were planning to start and wondering if now is the right time, the universe is responding with an emphatic YES! Whether it is work, finance or other topic he is representing, he is saying that systems are go, and you are swiftly moving forward.
If an inquiry is in regard to a relationship, it would indicate that while you may be beginning something new, it is not the time to settle down. You are playing the field, exploring your many options. Your personal journey, or quest has begun. You will have help along the way, all you will need to do is ask for it. Enjoy the ride.

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The Fool Reversed

Image of The Fool card reversedYou are feeling like it may be time to possibly start off on a new adventure in some facet of your life. The Universe however, is saying not quite yet. Before there can be a new beginning, you must officially bring to a close what has come before. Are you certain that you need a do-over, or are you just uncertain as to how to make your current situation work?
Resist the temptation to want to run away. In your attempt to "break away" you may be acting in a way that is naive and foolish, with a total disregard for others. Do not be so quick to take the first good offer that comes your way. As the saying goes, when something appears too good to be true, it usually is. Take your time and do your research on anything you are considering and be sure it REALLY is the best option for you, and does not cause harm to those around you that you care about.
You may be out of your depth, even though you do not believe you are, and this is where being naive comes in. This is not a time to take risks. Things are unstable right now, and you need to work on stabilizing your current situation before you go gallivanting off after a new one.

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