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The Hanged Man Year in Review:
Winding Down 2019 with Peace

The Hanged Man Year In ReviewThe Hanged Man year, 2019 (2+0+1+9=12), is coming to a close. How was it for you? It's not 2020 yet friends. Let's take a look back at how we have used the energy of the Hanged Man so far this year, and how we can prepare to make the most of it though the holiday season before it comes to an end.
The Hanged Man is about seeing things from a different perspective. It can also be about taking a time out, pausing, waiting, reflecting. Most difficult of all, surrendering. Have you experienced any of these this year?
Each year on December 31st we make our toasts and our resolutions. We start out the year full of gusto on that laundry-list of tasks and goals we are going to knock out of the park each year! But the truth is, that's not what the Universe had in mind for us collectively in 2019. 2019 was a year of pausing, surrendering and taking things slow, right from the beginning of the year.
If you take a look back at the year behind you, do you see any of these themes? I'll be honest here, I do. I'm going to share a short story with you, and in doing so, take some time to think about whether or not there have been any similar themes for you.
The Lesson of The Hanged Man Year
Truthfully, there are things that happened this year that I was not happy about. Quite frankly I was a combination of sad, frustrated and angry. And you know what? I couldn't do ANYTHING about it. This was a first for me. Feeling so frustrated that there was nothing I could do to make what was causing me pain, suffering, difficulty and challenges, any better. I had ZERO control.
But here is the lesson. The truth is, there WAS something I could do. Stop pushing. Stop trying so hard. It was not the thing I wanted to do. I wanted to FIX what was wrong and go back to what it was. But the Hanged Man was having none of that. The Hanged Man absolutely FORCED me to look at things from another perspective. The way things WERE, were not ok. And the Universe was not allowing it anymore.
No matter how much weaving, patching, and "fixing" I did, new leaks would just spring up! The "trying to fix" was unending. The Universe really forced me to see things in ways that I hadn't truly seen them before. In part, because I didn't want to.
The hardest part of all is the surrender. There came a point where I had to stop fighting against the Universe, and just surrender. Surrender it all over to a higher power. I had to just trust that the Universe is always working FOR me not against me. Everything that happens, happens FOR me, not TO me. That when things are hard, is our greatest opportunities for growth, if we just surrender and trust. Is it any wonder then, that The Hanged Man comes right before Death? Little do we see it, but often, we are asked to let go long before "Death" comes knocking.
Wrapping Up the Hanged Man Year
Did anything in my story sound familiar to you? If so, stop and ask yourself, "What is the lesson here? What do I need to see from a different perspective? What do I need to let go of or surrender? Why? Is this really for my soul's greatest good?" The year may be winding down, but there is still time left in 2019 and the busiest season is upon us. Now is the time to reflect on how we are doing so far so we can make the most of the rest of it.
Our year isn't over yet friends. This is about that time, usually by Halloween, that everyone goes into end-of-year mode. The frenetic pace of the Holidays is upon us and inevitable for some (if we tell ourselves that). Some have completely checked out of 2019, and are already on to 2020.
But there is more to this story. I'd love to see you wrap up The Hanged Man year by taking advantage of the beautiful gifts he has to offer you, and allowing his teachings to guide you through this holiday season to a more peaceful end to your year.
Using the Gifts of the Hanged Man to Your Advantage
Let's finish 2019 strong, by surrendering. Sounds funny doesn't it? First, get real with yourself. Take a look at what you need to let go of. Think about where you are just holding on to tight, where you are pushing too hard. Whether that's a project, a relationship or a recurring thought that doesn't serve you, this year, we all have something to release. As he suggests, contemplate. What is working. What isn't? Be honest.
Second, pay attention to yourself and your body. When you feel the need to take a break, do so. Don't allow yourself to get so wrapped up in #allthethings that need to be done. If you don't take that much-needed time out when you feel it, the Universe will do it for you, presenting you with obstacles, roadblocks and even ill health.
My grandmother got sick every year like clockwork over the holidays, no doubt because she likely pushed herself so extensively during the weeks prior, preparing for the families of her 5 children to come together in her home for food, presents and celebrations.
Meditate. Yes I said meditate. This is surely suggested by The Hanged Man. Even if you "can't meditate". That is just your body resisting new things. There are dozens of apps that will walk you through even just a 5 minute meditation where you can intentionally relax every stressed, tense muscle in your body and take a few slow, restorative breaths. You won't believe how you feel. I've never been someone who meditates, yet when I do this, I feel so calm and peaceful I don't want to get up! #qualityproblem.
The Hanged Man Year Through the End-of-Year Holidays
This holiday season, try to do more things that create wonderful memories and less things that take you to the mall and back. This year we plan to try to enjoy more experiences, and buy less. We plan to watch more Christmas movies, bake more cookies, see the Nutcracker ballet, drive around at night looking at holiday lights and decorations, and in general, enjoying more of the "peace" of this season.
Say no to the things that require more of YOU. Try to buy what you can online, both gifts and groceries. Say no to as many things as possible. You don't need to do it all. There will be someone who signs up to chair the school holiday party, and the work party, and coordinate the food lists for the potluck. It doesn't need to be you. The more you graciously say no to, the more peaceful and enjoyable your holiday will be.
Let someone else host the holiday dinners this year. And if you do, change it up and ask others to bring something. Let it be imperfect. It's the company that matters, not the decorations and all of the work you want to do around the house before they arrive!
Remember, The Hanged Man Year is one of surrender and letting go. This holiday season, let it be easy. Relax, take your time, and let go of as many things as you can, and you'll be well on your way to wrapping up the 2019 Hanged Man year with peace.
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