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The Hanged Man


Image of The Hanged Man cardSuspension is the name of your game right now, and as a matter of fact, the longer you can hold off on a situation, the greater clarity you will have in seeing it accurately and understanding it, therefore having a better outcome. Surrender my friend.
With this card, we are asked to suspend disbelief. We are asked to take a situation that we have a preconceived notion about, and let it go. We are asked to totally surrender our point of view, and look at the situation from a completely different angle, just as the man in the card is doing. This card embodies the idea of seeing something from the absolute opposite point of view. What would the world, or even your own living room, look like if you stood on your head? In your mind, you would know that it is still the same room, even the same items IN the room. Yet, if you were upside down, it would look completely different to you. The same is true of our perspectives sometimes. You are being asked to totally surrender your current thoughts and just see it another way right now.
Additionally, you may need to slow down and take some time to surrender to your own thoughts, reflecting on the past, and contemplating the future. Take this time to reflect and prepare. You may be having a hard time accepting something and letting it go. A need for control is at hand, and when you can truly surrender yourself, and release things, is when the greatest sense of peace and clarity will descend. If you have always done things the same way, and you are feeling stuck, start considering some alternatives. Don't eliminate anything as a possibility! The more ridiculous or "out-there" your ideas get, the better shape you are in as that is usually when inspiration hits!
This card is sometimes associated with martyrdom and sacrifice, but it's really about giving up a sense of materialism and control and allowing the Spirit to work within you. You are a spiritual being and this card is a reminder of that. Prayer and meditation are also favored.

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The Hanged Man Reversed

Image of The Hanged Man card reversedTalk about feeling stuck in a tight spot and all hung up! This is a time that you are having a hard time figuring out which way is up. You feel like you have made sacrifices for others that have just gone completely unnoticed or unappreciated, or you have important decisions to make, and NO idea which way to go, so you are just hanging around, either waiting for a bolt of lightning to hit, or the situation to resolve itself and just go away. Likely, neither one of them is going to happen, however you are reaching a major turning point in your life, where things are likely going to become unstuck and get moving again. The period of suspension that you have undergone was truly for your own self good, but be prepared, as you move forward there will be major changes in the road ahead!
Alternatively, you could be acting very selfishly, this pause that you have been forced to take may have made you resentful, and not willing to make any sacrifices for others. You could be pretending that you are interested in doing the right thing, but secretly you are resentful and only interested in your own agenda. It is possible that you are maintaining an attitude that you are better than others in some way. A "holier-than-thou" attitude will not serve you well.
This is a great time to do a "systems check" and make sure that your personal scales for input and output are balanced. It is just as important to do for others in life as you can, knowing that at times you will need assistance too. If you choose to misrepresent your intentions, renig, back out or treat others unfairly, you will be called to account for that later down the line. On a brighter note, this could be a time of spiritual awakening for you, be aware of the signs around you.

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