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The King of Wands and Your Special Gifts, Talents and Passions

The King of Wands and Your Special Gifts Talents and PassionsThe King of Wands is the secret to your special gifts and passions that you have to share. This article is written to accompany our 5 Day Inner Emperor Challenge! If you're reading this within the week it goes live, feel free to join us for the live challenge! This is what we are discussed on Day 1, and the remaining 4 days will resemble the content from this post.
Kings are usually teaching or leading by example in their respective suits. They are the fathers, leaders, bosses, and rulers. More than anything, Kings represent mastery and maturity. They bring both reward AND responsibility.
They have been given power and authority because they have earned it and know how to use it. Kings of either gender are responsible for leading their people, so as they represent mastery and success, they also represent social responsibility.
The King of Wands as a Person
The King of Wands is a fair and righteous man, and much like the Strength card he is associated with, he leads and takes charge by the strength of his will. He is a leader for a reason. He knows what is best and knows that he is making decisions based off of that.
He expects others to follow him, and they do, because they know this as well. He is very confident. He is a fair man, and like the Queen of Wands, has no reason to lie. He believes wholeheartedly in himself and abilities, and doing what is right.
He is very compassionate, and truly believes in building others up and creating something great for everyone. He knows that like the Strength card, he can empower others to take action when they believe it too.
This king is action oriented like the other members of his suit. Some kings are good for simply sitting, watching, governing, listening ect, however this king really wants to get out there and show his people how things can and should be done. He has a bit of a hard time sitting still.
As an Aries, he is a natural leader that others will gravitate to automatically. He is the adventurous and daring self-starter. He isn't afraid to try new things that haven't been done before in order to open up new roads that haven't been traveled before!
As a Leo, again he is very outgoing and people follow him like a sunflower follows the sun. His personality alone draws them in. As a Sagg, he is truly a visionary. He is a leader because he truly wants to find a way to do great things for the future and his approach inspires others to follow him.
How the King of Wands Shows Up as Your Gifted Inner Leader
Oftentimes, we have a talent to share, or a purpose, something to teach to others, but we may not be aware of it. For many of us, we do something so often, or so easily, that it becomes second nature to us as part of our lifestyle and routines. But today I want to challenge you to think about your gifts. The things that you love to do, that maybe you do quite well, but you don't really think much about it because you've just been doing it so long it's a habit. This could be a gift you have to share with someone else. What is an ability you feel confident in?
I'll give you an example, for me it is reading and teaching tarot. I do it because I thoroughly enjoy it, and over the years of my practice, I've gotten to a point that I realized I could share what I know and use it to teach others who might be where I was when I first started.
Here is another example- a girlfriend of mine is EXCELLENT at casting charms. She started using them because she was intrigued, and now she loves them. She's been doing it for so long, out of her sheer passion for the oracle, that she has become the most proficient charm caster I know. She didn't start it with the intention to teach others, but her passion to pursue this hobby initially, has led her down a long road where she has inevitably developed the mastery that now enables her to teach and share it with others!
What are YOU Confident or Passionate about?
So my question to you is, what do you do that not just everyone can do? What gifts can you share with the world? It may not be flashy or even super unique, but there is something you like that not everyone likes or can do.
Even if you don't feel like you have something that you are a "master" at yet, then this is where I want to challenge you to think about what you WANT to be a master at. What do you love that you would love to spend more time getting better at? What are your passions? What would you love to spend your time doing if you had the time to do whatever you wanted?
I have another friend who is an avid hiker. She has such a deep knowledge of the trees and the forest and the earth, that she has developed out of her sheer love of spending time in nature. She is a nurse in her "career". But her passion, and one that she truly has mastery at as well, is the outdoors. She could lead specialty hikes where others could receive "forest therapy". She never set out to "learn" that. The mastery came from her repeatedly doing the thing she so loved.
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How to Embody the King of Wands Energy as a Gifted Leader
I'm going to give you a few action steps to help you begin to embody YOUR inner leader. It starts with a reading. In this spread, you are going to identify what it is that gives you purpose in life and how to share that gift with others. You may already know the answer to this. The spread may help you if you aren't sure, and challenge you to ponder a bit even if you do. Each of these questions is designed to help you flesh out your inner expert! You could also journal this out.
The Secret Inner Leader Spread
Where do I have a talent that others do not?
What am I passionate about that I could do or talk about endlessly?
How can I share this gift with others?
What is the first step I should take in pursuit of that?
What do I need to know about, or BELIEVE about myself, in order to do so?
How will other benefit from my contribution to the world through my passion?
3 Action Steps
Number 1- Your Morning Routine
We all have a morning routine, whether we define it that way or not. A series of actions we take each day after we get up. The question is, is your's setting you up for success? There are a million resources on the internet about morning routines and mindfulness. Check a few out and see what speaks to you. If you begin with habits that DON'T set you up for success, is there one thing you could remove starting tomorrow? Also, make your bed each day. My "one change" suggestion if you don't already. Studies show that the mental reward of starting the day off with even a "small win" sets you up with a better mindset for the rest of the day, no matter how the day goes. Try it! Leaders make their bed each day.
Number 2- Write down your Top 3 Actions for the Day
I recently heard that the average person has approximately FIFTEEN things on their daily to-to list, EACH DAY. Even if you were a hustler and knocked out HALF of them, you go to bed feeling like a failure. And truth be told, while things like "unload the dishwasher" are important, they aren't the kinds of things that move the needle forward in your life. And life passes fast. So this week, try taking just 2 minutes in the morning each day (maybe while making the bed?), to think about what your TOP 3 most important things are to get done today. Just three. And if JUST THOSE THINGS got done, you would actually make significant progress on something or feel like you really moved the needle.
Number 3- Leaders are Readers
Well-accomplished people are far more likely to be found reading (these days, listening to audible books) than zoning out in front of the tube. I'm not saying you have to abandon your Game of Thrones addiction, but also find a phenomenal inspirational book that feeds your mind. Leaders really are readers.
Bonus tip: Apply these 3 Action Steps to your gift, and move closer to sharing it with the world!
So who is your inner leader? What are you passionate about, what are your gifts? Please share yours with us in the group if you are comfortable, and share your spread as well! I can't wait to see them!
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