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The Star


Image of The Star cardThis should be a very optimistic time. You may feel a profound sense of hope for a situation that is on your heart or mind, and you are being asked to keep the faith. You may be coming through a rough patch, know that you are starting to reach the light. This should be a time of peace for you. This is the calm after the storm (The Tower). Keep an open mind to the possibilities and a good attitude. This is also a good time for clarity of thought, as you are in a position to have access to clear rational thinking, as well as the unconscious, and to be able to accurately discern a situation from all angles.
This is also a good time for healing. While this could refer to physical healing, more often than not it is spiritual healing being referred to. You are open to all of the possibilities the Universe has to offer. This could also be a time of great inspiration for you. Again, spiritually, you may be recommitting to a faith of your choice, or you may receive inspiration on any project or dilemma on your mind. Be open to new ideas, this is generally a time of personal transformation and growth.
Nothing comes quickly with The Star, sometimes the results take a good amount of time to come to fruition, but now is the time that you are being made aware of what you truly need, and what is most important for you, and you should be listening for clues from the Universe as to what your destiny or life's mission truly is. The most important lesson for you is to believe in yourself.
This card is associated with Aquarius, an air sign and the planet that governs it Uranus, which is sudden things, so many times, this card indicates new ideas come to you suddenly, or your mind suddenly thinks of new possibilities that it hadn't before. Aquarius rules technology, science and the internet, but also metaphysical studies, so this is a card linked to both the Astronomer and the Astrologer.
If you have approached the cards with a question as to whether or not you are on the right path, whether or not you are in the right career, or whether or not you are with the right person, your soul mate, the answer is yes. Yes, you are. The Star card brings such a profound feeling of hope. With the appearance of this card, and the reinforcement that we are on the right path, or doing the right thing, we can surmount bigger obstacles, and rise to greater challenges. The Star gives us the assurance that we are moving in alignment with our destiny. The greatest freedom (a quality ruled by Uranus), is the freedom of purpose. To be able to recognize and do what we love, a gift that our soul brought to this existence to share with others, truly is a divine manifestation of this card.

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The Star Reversed

Image of The Star card reversedWhen The Star appears reversed, many times it indicates a lack of faith. It could be as serious as a sense of hopeless despair. You may be dwelling on a negative situation that is out of your control, and the more you do so, the more defeated you feel, and you want to just give up. Work to identify what it is that you are really battling, so you can address the problem and regain your sense of hope. There may be things that you are waiting on to pan out, and you are being asked to continue to hold out hope and wait patiently. I know, that is difficult to do, however, this is a total test of your reserves. It is a test of your faith. Faith is believing something will happen, even when you have no discernible proof.
Whatever it is you are holding on for, this card says that it WILL happen, but it is taking a much longer time then you would like, and maybe will play out slightly differently by the time it finally gets around to happening. Sometimes we have setbacks, and need to see them as opportunities to change and grow. Most of us wouldn't be human if we didn't want to avoid bad things happening to us, but it is through the crises we face in life, that we become stronger, more capable people. Think about the setbacks you have had, and identify how you can create a positive change from it, keep the Faith, that things WILL improve, if you are patient, and keep a positive outlook, even in tougher times.
This card could also indicate that you are dealing with some disillusionment. Either you see others as having gifts that you don't or wish you did, when you actually do, or you are denying your own gifts. This is called a bright shadow, and this is when you deny your natural talents and abilities. Don't be afraid to let your light shine.

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