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The Sun


Image of The Sun cardIn The Sun card, we see a young child riding on the bare back of a beautiful white horse, happily smiling, under a large beautiful radiant sun. This is a very positive and benevolent energy. No matter what the question asked, or scenario posed, The Sun card only brings joy, optimism, and goodness. This is a time where all systems are Go! and all signs point to Yes! This is a time to be happy and give thanks and when you may also feel enlightened.
You can finally see the path ahead of you and it is clear. Success, happiness and confidence are all yours for the taking now, as you have overcome the obstacles that have brought you to this point. You may feel that you have finally made that breakthrough on many different levels and have started a new chapter. Things are headed in the right direction.
Overall you should feel an increase in your energy level and personal vitality. You should feel upbeat and positive, and should be in good physical condition. This card, ruled by the sun itself, is associated with Leo, creativity, and children, so any activities that you have with children, or your own children can come up with this card, as well as making progress on creative pursuits. This card could be telling you that it is a great time to focus on a piece of art, or a manuscript you have been working on and off for some time.
Many times this card indicates a very sunny day, or you are going to have great weather for your trip if you are headed to a destination. I have personally found this to be one of the most literal cards in the deck, as when it comes up in a one card reading or a daily draw, it often refers to my physical state, or the actual weather.

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The Sun Reversed

Image of The Sun cardMany scholars say that The Sun is such a good card, that even in reverse, it's hard for this to be a negative message. In many ways, that is true, it's hard for such a great card to actually have negative energy. The positive benefits of The Sun are definitely still there. The one caveat? You must work for them. Ask yourself "What do I truly want right now?" The things you are looking for are literally right around the corner, if you used focused intent.
This is a very important time to count your blessings and be grateful for what you have. See things for what they are, and don't let anyone pull the wool over your eyes! Looking for a new job or more income should go your way, as long as you put in your time at interviews and you are doing the work. You may have to go on more interviews than you would prefer, but it will happen. It won't just fall in your lap, but if you put in the effort, you WILL reap the reward. The same goes for a satisfying relationship. Be sure to give each other space, and not take each other for granted. If it matters to you, work at it. Your biggest challenge is to see the passing clouds that temporarily occlude your happiness or goals, deal with the little grievances or setbacks they bring and then quickly send them on their way.
This card is ruled by none other, than the sun itself, and is therefore associated with the sign of Leo (who rules Strength), so with the reversed Sun, we may see similar qualities, such as weakness, or a decrease in self-confidence, or again, the appearance of the "bright shadow", whereby one denies their own talents or gifts, or is afraid to let their light shine. Sometimes this card can manifest some of the less likable personality qualities of the sun such as being bossy, a show-off, prideful or egotistical so do keep that behavior in check.
Lastly, don't forget the physical manifestations; you could be experiencing sunburn, heat exhaustion or burnout. This card has even manifested as bad weather! However, I typically see these results more often in a short term reading, such as when this card is pulled in a daily one card draw. As a matter of fact, this card turned up for me several times over the summer on days I had gotten a bad sunburn, and it has shown up on days where the entire day was overcast, not a ray of sun to be seen, and on days that a huge thunderstorm rolled through. I personally find this to be one of the most literal cards in the deck.

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