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 The Wheel of Fortune


Image of The Wheel of Fortune cardChange is coming in your life, and it is not necessarily a bad thing. You have reached a point of fate or destiny where the Universe is stepping in and making some sweeping changes. Fear not, as these seem to be positive for you. There are good times, and there are bad times in life and the only constant in life is change itself. The wheel of fate or destiny continues to turn for everyone, and the key is to not become complacent. When things are going well, try to keep doing the right thing and when things are going poorly, take an active role in helping them to become better. Right now it may feel as if the universe is dishing up whatever it likes, and not only do you have no idea what is coming, it is also out of your control.
The good news is that it seems that things are going for the better. You are entering a point in your life where new options are presenting themselves to you, and change is inevitable. The key is to seize this opportunity and do something with it that will benefit you in a positive way. This card embodies the element of luck or chance, so you may end up pleasantly surprised by a chance encounter, or a lucky turn of events. Watch for synchronicities.
This card also indicates anything of a cyclical nature, so repeating patterns and themes are possible. In some traditions, this can indicate the Turning of the Wheel, where 8 times a year a new Season or Sabbat is celebrated. You could likely be coming to the end of one cycle, and thus, the beginning of another. In the upright, the changes should be favorable.

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The Wheel of Fortune Reversed

Image of The Wheel of Fortune card reversedLady luck is not on your side at this time. Things are changing right now and unfortunately they probably will not be very favorable. It is important for you to look at the situation from all sides. While we all tend to be upset when something doesn't go our way, we need to look at it clearly, assess the situation for what it is, and see how we can create a better outcome next time. Many times we feel we got a raw deal or a bad shake, but we must also look backwards into the past, and see what poor decisions we may have made, that may have had a part in the outcome. We can lie to others, but not to ourselves, so take an honest look.
This is a good time to return to self-reflection and look at some of our past actions. Karma is also at play. The better job we do assessing a situation, and our part in it, for what it really is, the better chance we stand of having a more favorable outcome the next time around. You may also be stubbornly resisting an impending change. This may only make it more difficult when the inevitable is upon you. The only constant in life IS change. Roll with the punches and do not resist, as that always makes it more difficult. You may end up just being steamrolled over! Don't forget, life is a cycle of constant ups and downs. The best thing we can do is try to make the most honest and just decisions we can each day.
Change is inevitable for our own self growth, and many times it will present itself to us when we are not looking for it, nor do we desire it! We all have lessons to learn in life, and what you currently see as a problem, may be the Universe's way of calling attention to a pattern or a particular lesson in your life that you have not yet mastered. Stagnation is the enemy of growth, what our hearts and souls are all striving for. You may not like what is happening, but the truth is that it probably needs to, for your own soul's best interest, whether you like it right now or not.
On the other hand, it may not necessarily be unfortunate, it could simply be erratic. Stop and Go energy, bad timing on the start of something, erratic flow, redo-ing something more than once. This is a risky time and things are unpredictable at best.

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