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The World


Image of The World cardIn The World card we see a dancer, with batons in each hand. The card contains the four astrological symbols for the four fixed signs of the zodiac, Taurus, the bull, Leo, the lion, Scorpio, the eagle, and Aquarius, the water-bearer, also present on the Wheel of Fortune card. When The World card shows up, it is a time for celebration. All is right in your world. You should feel like you have reached the pinnacle. This is the card that shows you have finally attained your goal, after all of the struggles along the way.
Whatever it is that you have been working towards is finally accomplished. You have worked hard and remained focused and it is time to see the results of your labor and enjoy feeling a sense of completion. Everything has come together for you the way that you hoped it would, and now that you have reached your goal and succeeded, you will soon begin a new cycle complete with new goals. You are at a turning point, where you are about to leave one adventure behind and begin a whole new journey! Enjoy this sense of accomplishment. If you are receiving praise and congratulations, just say thank you, you deserve it!
You also may find yourself experiencing more Universal concepts. You understand things on a large scale, and understand your place in the whole. You have a global awareness, or an ability to see a situation in its complete totality. More literally, you may have a chance to travel, and as this card favors "worldy" travel, you may be going long distances, or connecting with others internationally. Alternatively, you could also be extending your sphere of influence far and wide.

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The World Reversed

Image of The World card reversedLike The Sun card, some scholars say that even in a reversed state, The World is still a good card. Victories may be slower to come or recognition and /or promotion delayed. There could be difficulties in completing projects, either because you reach an unwanted barrier or you choose to halt progress for one reason or another. Whatever it is you are reaching for, you have not quite attained it, and you may feel disappointed. You need to take this experience and realize it is just part of the cycle, and with hard work, you can bring your goals to fruition. The task is to buckle down, and re-commit yourself.
It could be that something has ended unexpectedly, or did not turn out the way you had hoped or planned, and is leaving you with questions of what went wrong. This could be a lack of closure that you are experiencing. It is a time to re-commit to what is important to you, and reach for the finish line. It could be that you are pursuing the wrong goal. You may have your ladder leaning against the wrong building, whereby you are working towards something, however it is not what you are meant to be doing. You may need to return to the lesson of the previous card, Judgement and listen closely for your true calling.
Even in everyday situations, if you are feeling like you are near the end of something and can't find success, you may need to approach your situation from another perspective, again figuring out exactly what it is you should be striving for. It could be that you have seen the end in sight and have let off the gas pedal in an attempt to "coast" the rest of the way in. This is not the way to approach the finish line; you must persist until you have reached your goal. When you do, your world will spin right-side up.

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