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Top 10 Tips for Beginning Readers


When you first begin to read Tarot cards, you have SOOOOO many questions! Most of them feel very legitimate at the time, and while some are based on physical techniques, others are based on how to interpret, and still other times we just want to know if we are doing it "right".  When I first started reading, I was so excited! Yet I had so many unanswered questions (and stacks and stacks of resource books to prove it!). Today I'm bringing you Ten Tips that I've rounded up from a few of my fellow card reading peers.
What I love about these tips are that they are so profound, and yet so simple at the same time. Some are short and sweet, others a little longer, yet they all offer the same wisdom. If I had this little list to look at ten years ago, I think I might have breathed a little sigh of relief that it was all going to be good. That it's about the journey not the destination, and I was doing everything just fine, because no matter how I did it, it was going to be my own way, which is just the right way for each of us.  Hopefully a few of these tips speak to you, inspire you, or at least make you smile!
1.  Journal, Practice, and do your best to memorize the basic meanings of a standard deck (whichever system you choose) so that when you begin to branch out into other styles and types of decks you have a good base to start with.  Knowledge of astrology, numerology and so forth helps too. -Amy Dee
2.  Never bullshit. –Angelique
3.  Learn the traditional meanings, but don't be afraid to move away from them when your intuition indicates.  Also, ALWAYS TRUST YOUR INTUITION. –Nathalie
4.  Realize that although each card has a theme, there is more than one meaning for each card depending on the cards beside it. So listen to your intuition when looking at the card as something will stand out from the card which will be appropriate for the person you practice on. –Suzanne
5. Let the image guide you. –Bonnie
6. Find a deck that really speaks to you! Makes learning so much easier. –earthangel.moonchild
7. Record your thoughts about each draw you do, whether it's in your journal, on your blog or even on Insta. You'll see patterns emerge and learn your own language of the cards xo. –Clare
8. Best advice would be to stay calm and trust any messages that come to you and any impressions you get from a card. –Kayla
9. Don't worry about the "official" meanings but use your intuition to see what the cards tell you. When I started, a reading took forever because I was looking up ever single card. Once I put the book away, things started falling into place. –Lori
10. Trust yourself. There is no wrong way to eat a Rees----errr, read a Tarot card J -Liza
That's it! Notice some similarities? The same theme runs through almost all of them. Simple.  Profound.
Your CHALLENGE: Tell us below, what is the most useful piece of advice you have gotten, whether above, or elsewhere, for reading the cards?
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