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Two of Pentacles


Image of The Two of Pentacles cardIn the Two of Pentacles we see a man juggling two pentacles  surrounded by an infinity loop, signifying that this is ongoing. The water is choppy behind him as the boats sail through, suggesting that although things are not smooth sailing right now, you must still get out there and get at it.
Two's carry the theme of balance, choice and duality. In the Two of Pentacles, balance is quite relevant.  Right now, you may have multiple things going on that require your attention.  You are being asked to juggle many things at once right now, and keep all of your balls in the air as well.  The man in the card appears to be dancing, and indeed, it can require some fancy footwork for you to keep up with everything you have going on right now.
Two's are also about weighing your opportunities, and in the suit of Pentacles, these are physical or material in nature. You could be in a situation where you must decide between two alternatives.  You are juggling multiple items, however your focus is on one, what must you put down to give more attention to what it is you really want?  Sometimes this card can indicate trying to balance what we NEED to do with what we WANT to do.
You could be deciding between two job offers, two schools, two doctors or differing treatments, or two vacation destinations. Anytime the Two is present, so is the value of choices. Sometimes it's less apparent, as choosing time over money and vice versa.  You choose to work less to spend more time with your family, or alternatively, if things are financially tight right now, this card could see you trying to juggle how to keep up with family obligations while trying to devote more time to your work to bring in extra money.
Coming and going is also an idea present in this card.  The sea shows us riding the waves of life, up and down, opportunities coming and going, and the pentacles, representing the materialistic, can signify money coming in and going out as well in a continuous cycle, as signified by the infinity loop around it. This could be as simple as you trying to juggle your monthly income versus your monthly bills and other areas that money is going out.  You may need to look at where you are spending money (the lower pentacle) and make sure that you can keep up the balance. It could simply be deciding which bill to pay this week and which to put off until next week.  Again, a juggling act.
If you pulled the Two of Pentacles in regard to a relationship question, consider how money or other material matters play into the situation.  Is income level a serious consideration for you regarding the person or persons in question? Are you concerned about the amount of money that will be going out due to this person?  Is money a factor in the decision or choice that you are making? Are you already in a relationship and are considering taking a next step that will see you doing some considerable financial juggling such as buying a home or having a baby?

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Two of Pentacles Reversed

Image of The Two of Pentacles card reversedWhen the Two of Pentacles comes up reversed, you are having a difficult time keeping all of your balls in the air.  The juggling act has turned in to a bit of a three-ringed circus performance for you to keep your head above water!
Since this is the earthy suit of Pentacles, it's likely practical, physical or financial matters that you are having difficulty with.  You may be struggling to keep up with your finances, there could be a discrepancy in the amount of money coming in versus going out, making it hard for you to keep the cycle (indicated by the infinity loop) flowing smoothly.  You may have more money going out then you do coming in at this time, and constantly feel like you are robbing Peter to pay Paul and vice versa.
If this is the case, it is strongly advised that you take some time to sit down and get your affairs in order.  Return to the advice of the Ace, and create a strategic plan, you could get down on paper exactly what you have coming in and going out right now (be honest!) and decide what you can do without.  You can then make a plan for what you can pay and when.  Create a budget.   In addition to financial plans, this card has also been identified as being all caught up in "red tape" on an issue you may be pursuing. Pay close attention to details and follow directions carefully.
If money is not so much of an issue, it could be the management of your time, work and health. You may be so busy with so many things that you are overwhelmed, and this can lead to stress as well.  You may want to sit down and create a schedule for yourself.  Time management is very important in the busy world we live in today, there are so many things just vying for our attention! Make a personal schedule and list of what you would like to accomplish each day and what possible distractions may come up for you to avoid and make a strategic plan to make it happen.  Follow through is key! Unmanaged stress can lead to physical disease in the body.
You could be in a situation where you are having difficulty balancing work with some area of your life, usually your family or social life. Is there an imbalance here?  It's ok to work overtime sometimes when necessary, just be sure you aren't becoming a workaholic at the expense of your family, your health or your sanity.
In your relationship, you may become acutely aware of the financial costs associated with the choice you are making.  It could be that there will be a considerable cost one way or another in the choice you are making, or that you are not in a position to make a major commitment to your relationship right now because work or finances are in a position of priority right now.
As a card of advice, this card reversed could be advising you that, for the time being, you need to stop trying to do everything and focus on the one thing that is most important right now.  You can come back and pick up your other balls later, even if you have to play a little bit of catch up when you do.

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