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Two of Wands


Image of The Two of Wands cardLike all two's this is a card of balance and decision. You are standing at the threshold of a major decision of some sort. The theme song would be "Should I stay or should I go".
Interestingly, there is nothing wrong with your current situation, however you desire more. You are fairly comfortable where you are at with what you have, however you have reached a point of stagnation, and you wonder if the grass is greener on the other side. You have accomplished much and deserve to be where you are at, however you may be feeling stifled and limited by all that you now have. What else is out there? An example would be that you have worked really hard to earn a great position at work with all of the stability and securities you will ever need, however you have found that your work is not fulfilling in any way and you honestly wonder if you can do this for another 30 years.
You begin to wonder what else is out there beyond your castle walls, so to speak. This is a time of weighing up options and making decisions. This card is associated with the planet Mars, of action and energy in its home sign of Aries representing the same. Whatever decision you make, the choice, and the power, lies with you. Alternatively, this card could also indicate travel.

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Two of Wands Reversed

Image of The Two of Wands card reversedThere are several ways the reversal of the Two of Wands can manifest. First of all, it could be that you are feeling like there may be something more out there for you, and that you have outgrown your current situation, but you are unable to make a decision.
The two is about balance and decision, so with the reversal we see things out of balance and an inability to make a decision. The interesting part of indecision is that the Universe usually does not allow us to stay stagnant for too long, for the benefit of our own self growth. So when we fail to make a decision consciously, the Universe will usually help us along. We find that we unconsciously create situations for ourselves that force us to have to make a decision.
You could also be feeling a sense of guilt, meaning that you feel guilty longing for something more or different, when you already have something satisfactory and there are many people out there who do not even have what you have already. However, we all deserve to be happy and fulfilled at our deepest level and you do not need to apologize for that.
In regard to travel, this card can indicate difficulties with travel, or an inability to fulfill your travel plans. It has also been noted that this card reversed can sometimes be an indicator of luck, or an unexpected turn for the better.

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